How much can I get for my old iPod?

How much can I get for my old iPod?

Vintage iPods, along with rare VHS tapes and old computers, are now worth thousands of dollars, according to Yahoo Finance. Sellers on eBay are listing their factory-sealed first and second generation iPods (and iPhones) for upwards of $20,000.

What is the largest gb iPod?

The largest capacity you can get is the $299 64GB iPod Touch. It’s not the same as the beloved iPod Classic, of course. But in an iPhone world, you have to take what you can get.

How do you find out what generation your iPod is?

Look up your iPod by model number.

  1. Find your iPod’s model number (the five-character code next to “Model” on the back of your iPod).
  2. Press Ctrl + F (Windows) or ⌘ Command + F (Mac) to open the “Find” window on the Apple website.
  3. Type in your iPod’s model number.
  4. Find the generation heading above the number.

How much did the iPod Classic cost?

The first iPod had a monochrome LCD (liquid-crystal display) screen and featured a 5GB hard drive capable of storing 1,000 songs encoded using MP3 and was priced at US$399.

What is the largest capacity iPod touch?

You can keep more songs than ever on iPod touch, which now comes with up to 256GB of storage.

What generation is iPod model MB565LL?

The iPod Classic (6th Gen) – MB565LL/A was released in 2008 and features a 2.5″ QVGA LCD display, a Black housing, and 120GB of storage. The device was released on September 9th 2008 with a MSRP of $249.

How old is the iPod 8gb?

1st generation

Capacity Release date
8 GB 16 GB 32 GB 8 GB: Sep. 14, 2007 16 GB: Sep. 14, 2007 32 GB: Feb. 5, 2008

Why are old iPods so expensive?

The reason appears to be it is rare – Apple was having difficulty finding parts so decided to ditch the classic design. Getting one now will cost you more than buying any of the current range of iPods – and if you have one you don’t use, you might want to consider selling them.

How many songs will a 128GB iPod hold?

This Apple – iPod touch features 128 GB storage space and can hold more than 10,000 songs.

How much was an iPod in 2005?

Major iPod Introductions

Model Announced Price
iPod photo October 2004 $499, $599
iPod shuffle January 2005 $99; $149
Second-generation iPod mini February 2005 $199, $249
iPod nano September 2005 $199, $249

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