How much does a Chris-Craft Corsair cost?

How much does a Chris-Craft Corsair cost?


Base price $294,900 (USD)
Max hp 760 hp
Base engine N/A
Drive / Propulsion Bravo three

Does Chris-Craft still make the Corsair?

Today, the company still displays a 1939 Chris-Craft Barrel Back in their reception area – a special tribute to Chris-Craft founder, Christopher Columbus Smith who passed away in 1939. I have a feeling Chris would be very pleased with the new line of Chris-Crafts for 2012.

How much is a Chris-Craft Corsair 27?


Base price $149,970 (USD)
Draft up 0.43 m (1′5″)
Draft down 0.89 m (2′11″)
Dry weight 2,722 kg (6,001 lbs)

Does Chris Kraft still make wooden boats?

The company changed hands through a few investment companies at the turn of the century before Winnebago bought it. Today, Chris-Craft manufactures five models, ranging from affordable cruisers to high-end luxury vessels.

Is Chris Craft a good boat?

Even today, Chris Craft is a premium luxury brand that manufactures high-quality pleasure boats. There have been dips in manufacturing and perception over the years as the company changed hands multiple times, but despite all that, they are a brand synonymous with top quality.

How much does a new Chris Craft boat cost?

How much do Chris-Craft boats cost? Chris-Craft boats for sale on Boat Trader are available for a range of prices, valued from $4,960 on the lower-priced models all the way up to $644,000 for the most extravagant models.

Is Chris-Craft a high end boat?

Do Chris Craft boats hold their value?

Boat Trader states that Chris Craft boats from the Classic Era (1943-1975) have generally increased about 5% in value over the last two decades. Except for some of the models made in the 1980s and 1990s, it seems fair to say that modern Chris Craft boats hold their value as well as any other comparable premium brand.

Is Chris-Craft Catalina a good boat?

The Chris-Craft Catalina 26 is a great boat for every day use in calm waters. It is very fast and sleek with a smooth smooth acceleration, perfect trim and good behaviour on the run, great safety in the bow and aft cockpits.

How much does a Chris Craft boat weigh?


POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
FUTURA/EX 33′ 10200
AQUA-HOME 34-I/O 34′ 10430
COMMANDER/SP 35′ 13271

Do Chris-Craft boats hold their value?

What type of boat is a Chris-Craft?

Chris-Craft manufactured its first fiberglass boat by 1955. The company added a metal boat division in 1957, designated as the Roamer Steel Boats Division (RSBD). This was founded upon its purchase of the Roamer Boat Company, and the boats became known as Chris Craft Roamers.

How many hours does a 2013 Chris Craft Corsair 25 have?

2013 Chris-Craft Corsair 25 This one owner, fully optioned 25 Corsair Heritage Edition has only 42 hours! Powered by a Mercruiser 8.2L 380HP Bravo III Fresh Water Cooled engine. Mercruiser warranties in place.This is as close to a brand new 25 Corsair as a used one will ever be and has always been stored inside!

What kind of engine does a Chris Craft have?

2008 Chris Craft Corsair New to the market is this one owner Corsair 25 located at Marina One in Deerfield Beach. This Corsair 25 is ready for her new home as the owner has ordered their next Chris Craft. Powered by a 5.7L 300 hp Volvo with Neutra Salt flush kit, she preforms as well as she looks!

What is a corsair 25?

OWNER MOTIVATED!The Corsair 25 is an expression of Chris-Craft’s unfailing ability to combine performance, comfort and style. Based on the same hull design as the Launch product line, a Corsair is a runabout that offers excellent acceleration and agility.