How much does a Ford Mustang Boss cost?

How much does a Ford Mustang Boss cost?

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Models

Trim Boss 302
Engine 5.0L V8 Gas
Transmission 6-Speed Manual
Drivetrain Rear-Wheel Drive
Price $40,310

How much is a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss worth?

According to Hagerty’s valuation tool, a Boss 429 is worth $200,000 on average. Even in “fair” condition, they can go for over $140,000.

How much is a 1970 Mustang Boss worth?

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Is $55,000 Worth of Yellow Wonder.

How much does a Mustang cost 2021?

From $27,2052021 Ford Mustang / MSRP

What is a 2012 Mustang Boss 302 worth?

2012 Ford Mustang appraisal values can range from $5,576 – $10,088.

How much did a 1969 Boss 429 cost new?

To compete with the Mopar HEMI engine in NASCAR, Ford launched the BOSS 429 V8 in 1969. It was built as a limited production Mustang Fastback to meet the required homologation of 500 units….In Detail.

type Series Production Car
price $ $ 4,740
engine V8
block material Cast Iron w/Aluminum Heads
valvetrain OHV

How much is a 1970 Boss 302 engine worth?

‘ Yellow Wonder’ is a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 that is valued at $55,000.

How much is a 1969 Boss 302?

The most valuable Boss 302 would be a 1969 model, which in #1 (Concours) condition has average worth of $135,000. Boss 302 values last increased in 2015—by 6.5 percent in January and another 6.5 percent in May.

How much is a 1970 Boss 302?

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – sold for $49,500. While the base price was $3,270, this car includes the optional “shaker” hood scoop, trademark rear window slats, rear spoiler, AM Radio with 8-track, and traction-lok differential, along with Goodyear Polyglas white letter tires on Magnum 500 wheels.

How much does a Mustang GT 5.0 cost?

2022 Ford Mustang Trims & Price Ecoboost | $28,000 (est.) Ecoboost Premium | $33,000 (est.) GT | $37,000 (est.) GT Premium | $41,000 (est.)

Where can I buy a used Ford Mustang boss-302?

TrueCar has 52 used Ford Mustang Boss-302 s for sale nationwide, including a Boss 302 Coupe and a Boss 302 Coupe. Prices for Ford Mustang Boss-302 s currently range from to, with vehicle mileage ranging from to.

When did the Ford Mustang Boss come out?

The Mustang Boss has a history that spans back to the end of the 1960s, and production continued for several decades after. When looking for a Ford Mustang Boss for sale, it is important that you know where to search, what to consider, and how much to pay.

How much does a 1969 Boss 302 Mustang cost?

Nasty this blue oval is a $122k build thatplants a 660hp V8 paired with a Tremec five-speed in the center of an authentic G-code Boss 302 AM/FM 1969 ford mustang boss 302 tribute for sale. Here’s a remarkable example of a fastback mustang which pays tribute to ford’s famous “boss 302 mustang”.

What kind of engine does a Ford Boss have?

The Boss came fitted with four-speed transmission, disc brakes, sway bars, and a quick-ratio steering box. The small-for-the-time 302-cubic-inch V-8 was rated at 290 horsepower, but that figure is widely considered artificially low.