How much does a UPS driver make per hour?

How much does a UPS driver make per hour?

Data based off of GlassDoor and shows that the average OTR UPS driver earns $27.83 an hour, while the average FedEx truck driver earns $22.83 an hour. The total compensation for a FedEx driver is $47,492 a year, while UPS pays their drivers significantly more at $57,866 a year on average.

Do you get paid for truck driving school?

Training to obtain your CDL is part of the job. You are hired and paid as an employee on Day 1. You’ll be paid $500 when you work a full week while you get your CDL™. The CDL training is three weeks and is available in multiple locations.

Is truck driving hard?

Working Long Hours Can Be Hard for Truck Drivers But one of the best parts is that most CMV drivers get to choose their own schedules. You may clock more hours than someone at a Monday–Friday desk job, but you get to set your own pace, have a degree of financial stability, and get to see new places every day.

Who is the richest truck driver?

Tom Love

Is trucking still a good career?

Considering quality of life is a very important factor. My advice to you, is that if you’re in trucking for a career, consider these five things. Learn to balance and deal with them accordingly. A career as a truck driver is truly a great job, as long as you can manage the issues involved with it.

Do truck drivers wear diapers?

Some truck drivers even wear diapers to avoid stopping at bathrooms — not kidding. 8. Forget about working out or eating well. The only way to make money is if your truck is moving, and as long as your truck is moving, you’re on your butt.

What are the qualities of a good truck driver?

The following qualities and characteristics are traits of what makes a great truck driver.

  • Reliability.
  • A Spotless Driving Record.
  • Alertness / Awareness.
  • Healthy Habits.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Mechanically Savvy.
  • Drive with the Ultimate 3PL.

What are the pros and cons of truck driving?

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Being a Truck Driver in 2020

  • Pro: Get Started Quickly.
  • Con: Inconsistent Sleep Schedule.
  • Pro: Job Security.
  • Con: Low Human Contact.
  • Pro: See the Country.
  • Con: Your Truck Becomes Your Home.
  • Pro: More Independence Than Other Careers.
  • Con: Poor Personal Hygiene is a Possibility.

Is it worth becoming a truck driver?

Pros: Many people love being behind the wheel all day and find great satisfaction in hauling the freight that people use on a day-to-day basis. This pride makes truck driving worth it. For a lot of experienced drivers, what makes the job hard is the stress.

Is paid CDL training worth it?

Make no mistake, paid CDL training with a trucking company is going to be less of a cash outlay upfront, but don’t worry they’ll get their pound of flesh worth out of you. The three greatest advantages of going with company sponsored CDL training instead of a private school are: Low cost to get into the program.

How much do Amazon truck owners make?

Owner Operator Amazon Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $287,000 $138
75th Percentile $207,500 $100
Average $142,046 $68
25th Percentile $51,500 $25

How much does a FedEx driver make an hour?

A typical delivery driver earns approximately $17 per hour. These local drivers earn an average pay of $36,000 per year. You’ll also find that there are cash bonuses up to $5,600 a year as well as stock bonuses when working as a delivery driver.

How much do Walmart truck drivers make a week?

Walmart is very direct with their current salary numbers and states that a first-year driver working 5.5 days per week earns, on average, $87,500 per year. These figures will obviously change depending on location and bonuses.

How much do Walmart truckers make?

Walmart drivers earn an average of $87,500 per year, and this year, it’s getting better for all drivers by way of increases in per mile rate and activity pay and training pay.