How much does an Amel 64 cost?

How much does an Amel 64 cost?

No wonder – the buyer of a 64-foot boat whose starting price hovers around $2.8 million is not likely looking to rough it. Furthermore, this Amel offers a variety of optional equipment….A Reworked Interior.

Water capacity 238 gal.

How much is a new Amel?

How much does a new AMEL 50 cost?

LENGTH OVERALL 50’10” (15.51 m)
PRICE $1,100,000

How much is a new AMEL 60?

The sailing yacht Amel 60 is produced by the brand Amel since 2019. Amel 60 is a 19.00 meters yacht with deck saloon with 3 guest cabins and the draft of 2.35 meters. The yacht with fiberglass / grp hull has CE certification class (A) and can go in open ocean. The base price of new Amel 60 is €2.0 million.

What is the smallest Amel yacht?

Although Amel’s current smallest, this boat is still 50ft and made for the open ocean, but don’t expect to tack through narrow channels, even though she’s the first sloop the company has produced in two decades.

How much does a new AMEL 50 cost?

It’s probably best to just state the obvious: The Amel 50 is très cool, and oh-so remarkable in oh-so many ways. In the 2020 Boat of the Year competition, the Amel was runner-up to the X-Yachts X46 in the Full-Size Cruiser 45 to 55 Feet class….Boat Review: Amel 50.

LENGTH OVERALL 50’10” (15.51 m)
PRICE $1,100,000

How good are Amel boats?

Over the past 50 years, Amel ketches like the Super Maramu have been top choices for sailors who value excellent construction, good open-water performance and a sensible layout for living aboard.

How much does a Amel 50 cost?

What is the price of an Amel 50?

Boat Review: Amel 50

LENGTH OVERALL 50’10” (15.51 m)
MAST HEIGHT 73’10” (22.5 m)
ENGINE Volvo 110 hp
DESIGNER Berret-Racoupeau
PRICE $1,100,000

How much is an Oyster 565?

The Oyster 565 starts at $1.85 million (£1,450,000) for the Standard Layout (master cabin aft, with two guest cabins forward and a utility cabin that can be lengthened to include an additional berth).

How much does an oyster 565 cost?

Where are Amel boats made?

La Rochelle
THE AMEL SPIRIT IS IN CONSTANT RENEWAL Fully designed and manufactured in La Rochelle, each unit is delivered by an AMEL technician, with one week to get to grips with the yacht. Owners can familiarise themselves with their new yacht and begin to appreciate the true pleasure of effortless, safe and comfortable sailing.

How much is the Amel 50?

How much does the Amel 64 cost?

Profite de la vie: The Amel 64 is a 20m ketch-rigged luxury sailing yacht by the French yacht builder Amel, designed by Berret Racoupeau. The price for that very comfortable world cruiser starts at EUR 2,100,000.

Where are the cabins on the Amel 64?

The Amel 64 has an owner’s cabin at the bow and two guest cabins at the aft area. One is a double bed cabin, the other one is a single-bed cabin with two beds. Both are equipped with ensuite bathrooms. In the middle is the main saloon, galley, dining and navigation desk located.

Which Amel ketch should you buy?

If you want a production-built ketch in this size, Amel is now the only choice on the market. The 64 (now along with the recently introduced 55) is designed by someone other than company founder Henri Amel, who passed in 2005. Naval architects Berret Racoupeau created something different, but something that still fits Amel’s customer appeal.

Are Amel cars any good?

Amels have been a bit utilitarian in the past, with no-nonsense features that made them tough but practical; faux teak on the decks, virtually no exterior wood accents, easy access to the engine and systems, and so on. That practicality has remained.