How much does it cost to cross the Boca Grande Causeway?

How much does it cost to cross the Boca Grande Causeway?

Passenger vehicles and pick up trucks pay $6.00 for a round trip to the island. Passes are available to the public. Commercial trucks, buses, and heavy equipment pay $5.50/ axle. All large commercial vehicles must be weighed on the GIBA weigh scale and the current weight limit is 80,000 lbs.

How much does it cost to go to Boca Grande?

Boca Grande: Beaches and lighthouses Gasparilla Island State Park stretches along the island’s southern end, with four parking lots that provide access to the beach. The area served by the first and last lot also have picnic tables and shelters. Admission is $3 per vehicle; $2 for bicyclists and pedestrians.

How deep is Boca Grande Pass?

80 feet
The Boca Grande Pass, just off the southern tip of Gasparilla Island State Park, is world-famous for sportfishing, particularly tarpon. The pass connects the Charlotte Harbor to the Gulf of Mexico and is one of the deepest natural passes in Florida, reaching depths of 80 feet.

What is Gasparilla Island known for?

Beaches at Gasparilla Island Gasparilla Island is well-known for its pristine beaches and beautiful blue-green waters of the gulf. Search for new shells, sunbathe, go swimming or walk along the beach.

What is a Giba pass?

GIBA Bridge Pass (BG Pass) ACCOUNT OPTIONS Option 2 – Non-Discount Car Pass $60.00- 10 trips @ $6.00 per trip. Additional Fee $5 for each RFID card or sticker you want on your account. Any type of vehicle is eligible to have a GIBA Standard Bridge Pass Account but may not be eligible for a discount.

Is Boca Grande in Charlotte County?

Contrary to what some might think, Boca Grande is actually located in Lee County though you have to drive through Charlotte County to get there on land. It’s one of over 100 islands that dot the coastline of Pine Island Sound, Estero Bay and Charlotte Harbor.

What celebrities live in Boca Grande Florida?

Boca Grande regulars have included President George H.W. Bush and his family; the actress Katharine Hepburn; and the other Busch family, of Budweiser fame. In recent years, locals have spotted Tom Brokaw, Chris O’Donnell, Tucker Carlson, Jason Garrett, and Bill Cowher out and about.

Where do the bushes stay in Boca Grande?

Gasparilla Inn & Club
The Bush family stays at Gasparilla Inn & Club as well as family homes on the island. The Bush family has for decades visited Boca Grande around the year-ending holidays as well as other times of the year.

Who lives on Boca Grande?

Can you drink alcohol on Boca Grande beach?

3 answers. This is a no alcohol beach. Some people doing it in little red cups. Siesta key a little north and beautiful beach does allow alcohol.

Who owns Gasparilla Island?

The Inn is presently owned by the William Farish family. William Farish is a former United States Ambassador to The Court of St. James, and his wife, Sarah, is the only daughter of the late Bayard Sharp.

Is Gasparilla Island Private?

Is Little Gasparilla Island For You? Little Gasparilla Island has no bridge, stores, or paved roads, which keeps the beaches private and uncrowded. But island living is isolated and may not be for everyone.

What is the Gasparilla Island Bridge Pass?

The Gasparilla Island Bridge Pass Program (BG PASS) is designed for frequent causeway users that prefer not to pay with cash or credit card in the toll lane. This BG PASS program is offered to allow account management online.

What is the weight limit on the Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority?

The weight limit on the Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority swing bridge is 80,000 lbs. All large vehicles (dump trucks, tractor trailers with 3 or more axles, heavy commerical trucks and equipment) are required to be weighed on the GIBA truck scale.

What is the Boca Grande swing bridge?

The Boca Grande Swing Bridge spans two 80-foot wide channels on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway at Placida Harbor. The GIBA took over operations of the bridge’s causeway and toll system in 1998 and is a State of Florida Independent Special District.

What is the only land link from Charlotte County to islands?

It is the only land link from Charlotte County to the three (3) barrier islands known as: North, Cole and Gasparilla Island. The Boca Grande Swing Bridge spans two 80-foot wide channels on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway at Placida Harbor.