How much does it cost to pass FE exam?

How much does it cost to pass FE exam?

What score do I need to pass the FE-CBT Civil exam? The required score to pass this exam is not a set number used yearly. Typically, scoring an estimated 50% of the exam correctly will result in a curved passing score (70%). However, exact percentiles will vary from year to year.

How hard is the FE exam civil?

The Fundamentals of Engineering Exam is a 6-hour, 110-question test that covers a wide range of topics related to civil engineering. The test itself isn’t hard. Passing the FE doesn’t mean you’re an expert engineer, it just proves to employers that you didn’t cheat your way through college.

Do you put EIT after your name?

It doesn’t mean much until you have your PE. I’ve never seen someone put EIT after their name. In my resume, I have it under the certifications section. you could put EIT if you have actually applied for and received the EIT certificate with registration number (different than simply passing the FE).