How much HP does a 2006 CRF450R have?

How much HP does a 2006 CRF450R have?

Water cooled, 449cc, Single, SOHC

Power: 55.74 HP (41 kW) @ 9000 rpm
Torque: 50 Nm (36.88 lb-ft) @ 6500 rpm
Final drive: Chain
Curb weight: 240.3 lbs
Category: Offroad

What is the top speed of a 2006 CRF450R?

If you believe what Dirt Rider had to say in the ’06 450F shootout, the stock CRF will top out at 86.8 mph.

How many hours does a CRF450R last?

Depending on riding style, track/trail conditions and service methods, you can get up to 200 hours on the engine before it really needs a rebuild.

How many gears does a 2006 CRF450R have?

2006 Honda CRF450R Specifications

Model: CRF450R
Ignition: CD with electronic advance
Transmission: Close-ratio five-speed
Final Drive: #520 chain; 13T/48T
Suspension : Front: 47mm inverted Showa cartridge fork with 16-position rebound and 16-position compression damping adjustability; 12.4 inches travel

How many gears does a CRF450R have?

Fourth generation: 2013–2016

Production 2013–
Predecessor Third Generation CRF450R
Engine 449 cc (27.4 cu in) liquid-cooled, SOHC four-stroke, single
Compression ratio 12.5:1
Transmission Close-ratio five-speed manual

What does a 2005 CRF450R weigh?

218.5 pounds
2005 Honda CRF450R Specifications

Model: CRF450R
Ground Clearance: 13.4 inches
Dry Weight: 218.5 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 1.9 gallons
Color: Red

What’s the fastest 450 dirt bike?

1: KTM 450 SX-F ( Fastest Dirt Bike ) It includes a 450 cubic centimetre engine with 63 horsepower and 34 foot-pounds of torque, as well as an electric starter and a multi-functional smartphone networking system. It is 85 inches in length and weighs 220 pounds.

How much HP does a CRF450R have?

Honda CRF450R Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Compression Ratio 13.5:1
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Camshaft Valvetrain Configuration Single Overhead Cams (SOHC)
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower 52.97 HP (38.7 kW)) @ 9000 RPM

How often should you rebuild a CRF 450?

Piston/Rings…… Every 6 races or about 15.0 hrs.

How often do you have to rebuild a 450 4 stroke?

A 450 dirt bike can last for several hundred hours before needing a rebuild if regular maintenance was done and it wasn’t ridden hard. On the flip side, a 250F motocross bike may need to have new rings or a piston put in every 20 hours if it’s raced hard on a moto track.

What year CRF450 is fuel injected?

Notable changes

2004 7/8″ Handlebars
2009 Fuel injection
2013 Air forks, dual exhaust
2017 Spring forks, no more Progressive Steering Damper
2018 Electric starter

When did Honda CRF450R get fuel injection?

KYB AOS fork For 2009, Honda engineers challenged themselves to create a CRF450R that was lighter than its predecessor despite adding electronic fuel injection. The result of their efforts was the third-generation CRF450R.

Why is the Honda CRF450R the best motocross bike?

By every standard imaginable, Honda’s CRF (R)450R has come to dominate the motocross scene in a remarkably brief span of time. The CRF450R won every single race in the 2004 Nationals, has won magazine shootouts aplenty and has also won the hearts of thousands of discriminating purchasers.

What is the difference between 2005 and 2006 Honda CRF450R?

But in the case of the 2006 CRF450R, the main thrust behind these changes focuses on improving the bike’s already stellar handling and steering characteristics. Basically, the lower frame rails that cradle the engine and the engine cases have been changed to tilt the engine forward and lower the crankshaft 5mm compared to the 2005 CRF450R.

What happens when you move the engine on a Honda CRF450R?

Moving the CRF450R’s engine locates the carburetor about 7.5mm farther forward than before, so the entire subframe has also moved forward 7.5mm. The subframe was altered in order to maintain the existing air-box, a critical component of the 450R’s amazing performance.

How good is the Honda CRF 2005 4G steering?

With the fourth-generation (4G) chassis the CRF has gained a light, positive, stable feel that makes the bike a very nice place to work at going fast. But while the 4G ’05 was amazing in berms and ruts, riders rated other 450s as steering more precisely.