How much is a blue English Bulldog?

How much is a blue English Bulldog?

Due to the rareness of this breed, these pups have a high price tag. Blue English Bulldogs can cost anywhere from $5,000 – $14,000 or more on average.

What is the rarest color for English Bulldogs?

The rarest English bulldog color is Merle. They come in blue tri, black tri, and chocolate tri varieties. The famous Merle color is a mostly white body with grey speckles and spots, in addition to these variations.

How much do Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs cost?

The average price of an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is $1,300.

Do Bulldogs eyes stay blue?

After 10 weeks of their age, the dog will develop a permanent eye color. Hence, if it is blue, it will always stay blue. If your French Bulldog’s nose becomes pink it means it is time to pay attention to his/her health.

Are English Bulldogs aggressive?

Dependable and predictable, the bulldog is a wonderful family pet and loving to most children. People-oriented as a breed, they actively solicit human attention. Although they generally get along well with other family pets, English bulldogs can be aggressive to unfamiliar dogs.

Why is English Bulldog so expensive?

English bulldogs are very popular. People love English bulldogs for a variety of reasons. One of the things that make bulldogs so expensive is that they are a very popular breed. Generally, since the demand for bulldogs is so high, there will be higher pricing associated with them.

Should I buy a English Bulldog or French bulldog?

The French Bulldog is much smaller in size, but he is much more mischievous and playful in his temperament, whereas the English Bulldog is horizontally laid back! Whichever pup you prefer, or whoever will suit your lifestyle better, they are both fun-loving and affectionate dogs that everyone will adore!

Why are English bulldogs so expensive?

How much is a Johnson American Bulldog?

The average cost of an American Bulldog can vary widely. The average pet-quality dog usually costs around $800. This is primarily because of their large size.

What breed is an Alapaha bulldog?

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
History. The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a rare breed that is believed to be descended from Old English Bulldogs that were brought to the Americas in the 18th century where they were used in the blood sports of bull baiting and bear baiting; they were later used as cattle and pig herders.