How much is a CJ5 jeep worth?

How much is a CJ5 jeep worth?

A: The average price of a Jeep CJ5 is $16,447.

What engine is in a 1974 Jeep CJ5?

This CJ5 is said to be 100-percent original with only 57,316 miles on its factory installed 258-cid inline 6-cylinder engine and 3-speed manual transmission.

How many gears does a CJ5 have?


Willys CJ-5/Jeep CJ-5
Transmission three-speed manual four-speed manual
Wheelbase 81 in (2,057 mm) (1954-1971) 83.5 in (2,121 mm) (1972-1983)
Length 138.2 in (3,510 mm)

What does CJ5 stand for Jeep?


Acronym Definition
CJ5 Classic Jaguar 5 Speed (automobile)

Are CJ5 jeeps safe?

The CJ5 “the most dangerous thing on four wheels. It is probably more dangerous than anything on two wheels as well,” said the research director of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a research group supported by the industry.

What years were CJ5’s made?

The CJ5 was produced between 1954 and 1983 by Kaiser, American Motors and Chrysler, ultimately selling 603,303 units. Willys was sold to Kaiser in 1953. During its lifetime 11 versions of the Jeep CJ5 were sold.

What’s the difference in a CJ5 and Cj7?

The main difference between the Cj5 and Cj7 models is that Cj5 is smaller in size and had a manual transmission. Cj7 is comparatively more massive, with the addition of a more extended wheelhouse to allow automatic transmission. Here, a longer wheelbase was introduced to allow the jeep to have automatic transmission.

When was the last CJ5 built?

The Jeep CJ5 steadily advanced with the constant march of automotive technology, but eventually fell out of the spotlight. And in 1983, the Jeep CJ5 was officially discontinued to make room for the ever-popular CJ7.

How wide is a 1974 Jeep CJ5?

Jeep CJ5 Dimensions 1974

Jeep CJ5 Height 1770mm
Jeep CJ5 Width 1520mm
Jeep CJ5 Length 3530mm
Jeep CJ5 Ground clearance unladen 200mm
Jeep CJ5 Wheelbase 2134mm

How much does a CJ5 weight?

Jeep CJ 5 4.2 Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight
Curb Weight : 1209 kg OR 2665 lbs
Weight-Power Output Ratio : 12.2 kg/hp
Trunk / Boot capacity : – L
Steering : Recirculating ball. –

What year were CJ5 made?

The Jeep CJ5 first hit the road in 1964 but had been in production for the military as far back as 1954. This model was the latest in a line of CJ series vehicles that dated back to 1944 with the CJ-1.

How much does a 1979 Jeep CJ5 weight?

The 1979 Jeep CJ 5 5.0 V8 has 128 PS / 126 bhp / 94 kW. How much does a Jeep CJ 5 5.0 V8 weighs? The Jeep CJ 5 5.0 V8 weighs 1209 Kg / 2665 lbs.

Who sent me the 1974 and 1976 Jeep® technical service manuals?

The Full 1974 Jeep® Technical Service Manual was sent to me by Norman Edgar. These are broken down by individual sections so the load times will be faster. The 1974-1976 Jeep® Factory Parts Manuals & the Full 1976 Jeep® Technical Service Manual were sent to me by Prescott Boisvert.

How many pages are in the service manual for a 1989 Jeep?

The Full Service Manual for ALL 1989 Jeep Models (2,192 pages) which includes the “Engine, Chassis & Body section, the Electrical Service Manual, the AX 15 Manual Transmission Supplement and the Anti Lock Brake System Supplement. Compliments of Blake Combs and is in Adobe PDF format.

What is the file format for a 1989 Jeep Wrangler?

Compliments of Blake Combs and is in Adobe PDF format. They include all Jeep® models for the 1989. This is a 341.5 Meg file so unless you’re on a broadband connection, you will have some wait time while they load.