How much is a Gretsch Duo Jet?

How much is a Gretsch Duo Jet?

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This item: Gretsch George Harrison Duo-Jet Pro Electric Guitar – Black $ 3,699 .99 + FREE Shipping 5 reviews
Nut Width 1.6875″
Nut Material Bone
Bridge/Tailpiece Adjustable Roller/Bigsby Vibrato
Tuners Grover Sta-Tite

Who plays Gretsch Duo Jet?

From legends like Jeff Beck and David Gilmour, to some of today’s hottest players like Nick 13 and Alex Trimble, there’s no slowing down the Duo Jet Express. In fact, we offer more than 20 models including the George Harrison and Malcolm Young Signature models, Jet Firebirds, Silver Jets, and Sparkle Jets.

What Gretsch did George Harrison play?

Gretsch Duo Jet
George Harrison was a lifelong fan of Gretsch guitars. Chet Atkins was a huge influence on him and was the reason George purchased a Chet Atkins Country Gentleman guitar in 1963. George had been playing a ’57 Gretsch Duo Jet up to that time.

Where are Gretsch duo jet made?

Gretsch Duo Jet (MADE IN JAPAN)

What is a duo jet?

Emerald. The Gretsch 6128 (Duo Jet) is a chambered solid body electric guitar manufactured by Gretsch since the mid-1950s.

Did Beatles play Gretsch?

In mid 1963 he switched to a Gretsch Country Gentleman and a Gretsch Tennessean, both of which he played until around 1965.

When did George Harrison get his Gretsch Duo Jet?

George Harrison often referred to his 1957 Gretsch Duo Jet as his “first good guitar.” He purchased the instrument in the summer of 1961, paying £75 to Ivan Hayward, a 25-year-old former Cunard Line merchant seaman.

What is Gretsch Jet?

Made of a chambered mahogany body, the Duo Jet model 6128 is one of Gretsch’s most sought after guitars. Most associated with the sound of guitarist Duane Eddy, Dynasonics are single coil pickups, and have been used on certain Gretsch models since the 1950s.

Why did Gretsch make a 12 string?

Various guitar companies like Vox and Rickenbacker produced 12-strings, but he preferred the bluesier, twangy sound made by a Gretsch as opposed to the pop sound of a Rickenbacker. Once the pilot of the TV show was sold, Nesmith approached Fred Gretsch and asked him to make a 12-string guitar.

What kind of jet is the g6128t-53 Duo Jet?

The G6128T-53 Vintage Select ’53 Duo Jet™ with Bigsby® rocks that legacy with a finely crafted new take on one of Gretsch’s first and dearest models.

When did the Gretsch Duo Jet guitar come out?

The Duo Jet debuted in 1953 as Gretsch’s flagship “solid body” guitar, although its signature power and punch came from its chambered mahogany design, which magnifies harmonic richness by letting air resonate between the top and body for livelier and more articulate tone.

What is a Gretsch vintage Select Edition Guitar?

Inspired by the pivotal and prolific years of Gretsch’s 1950s and early ’60s golden age, Vintage Select Edition guitars are designed for the player who appreciates the finest in musical instrument heritage.