How much is a synthetic golf green?

How much is a synthetic golf green?

The design, materials and professional installation of Tour Greens synthetic putting green generally costs anywhere from $15 to $40 per square foot depending on the 7 Key Factors listed below.

What thickness of artificial grass is best for putting green?

The pile height should be 3/8” to 5/8” (or 1/2”) pile height. Leisure golfers require less Envirofill for their artificial grass putting greens than professional golfers. Plan to use 2-4 pounds of Envirofill per square foot, which is the best turf infill for artificial grass putting greens.

How do you install a putting green in your backyard?

  1. Choose a Location and Design.
  2. Outline the Green and Remove Sod.
  3. Dig and Prevent Weeds.
  4. Put the Cups in Place.
  5. Make the Base for Your DIY Putting Green.
  6. Pre-Shrink if Needed and Join Sections.
  7. Install and Cut the Synthetic Turf.
  8. Secure the Turf.

What is the best turf for a putting green?

The best artificial putting green turf has a short pile height, because the shorter blades allow your golf ball to roll true like it’s on real Bentgrass. We also recommend artificial grass with a face weight, or density, or 40 – 60 oz. per yard.

What is a good size for a backyard putting green?

Backyard golf greens for residential spaces are usually around 500 square feet, while artificial golf greens for commercial projects or Nicklaus Design golf courses are usually 1,500 square feet.

How do you make a fake outdoor putting green?


  1. Map out your area.
  2. Clear out the areas.
  3. Wet the dirt only slightly.
  4. Edge the green.
  5. Place your crushed stones or other base materials.
  6. Install cups in the base material.
  7. Smooth out any ridges in the base material with a shovel.
  8. Lay the turf roll.

How do I keep my artificial grass putting green?

How To Clean Your Synthetic Grass Putting Green

  1. Brush The Green. After removing branches, leaves, and any other visible debris, brush your green to keep the grass blades upright.
  2. Rinse and Hose the Turf.
  3. Use a Power Broom.
  4. Cleanup After Pets.
  5. Clean Minor Stains.
  6. Remove Weeds.

How do you make an artificial putting green faster?

Rolling out the putting green surface when needed will help adjust the speed of the green. If you notice a change in the speed of the ball roll, simply roll out the green on a sunny day to speed it back up. You can also ddd sand to the green before rolling it. You can add additional sand if you see any new bare spots.

How do you make an artificial golf green?

What grass is used on golf greens?

Grasses are specifically selected for use on putting greens. Bermudagrass, creeping bentgrass and Poa annua are the most commonly managed turfgrasses on putting greens in the United States. A putting green can have more than 10,000 individual plants per square foot.

How much does a green cost?

Putting Green Installation Cost

Average Cost $4,300
High Cost $9,000+
Low Cost $1,800

Why choose synthetic grass golf putting greens?

Synthetic Grass Golf Putting Greens, Tee Boxes, Mats… The advancement in Synthetic Turf has allowed us to replicate the characteristics of natural grass. With a variety of Synthetic Turf options we can replicate the look, speed and feel of a PGA Golf green as well as create a realistic hitting area for driving ranges and mashie courses.

Why choose golfgreens on the go™ portable putting greens?

Whether you’re an experienced golfer or someone who just wants to have fun putting with friends and family, GolfGreens on the Go™ portable putting greens allow you to golf any time, anywhere.

Why choose a ForeverLawn® golf putting green?

With a golf putting green by ForeverLawn ® you can live that moment over and over in your own backyard. Our professional quality artificial golf turf will improve your landscape and your short game.

Who are the PGA Pro’s endorsements for artificial putting greens?

There is no equal in the world in the design and construction of artificial putting greens. We have over 30 PGA Pro endorsements, including Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Louis oosthuizen, Matt Kuchar, Charl Schwartzel, Zach Johnson, Adam Scott, Jim Furyk, Vijay Singh, Annika Sorenstam and Jack Nicklaus to name a few.