How much is a used Toyota Prius battery worth?

How much is a used Toyota Prius battery worth?

A used Prius battery will cost about $1,700 – $3,600 [labor costs included]. A refurbished Prius battery will cost you about $1,600 – $5,000 inclusive of labor costs.

How much is a Toyota Prius main battery?

Toyota Prius Battery Replacement Cost Estimate. Labor costs are estimated between $77 and $97 while parts are priced between $840 and $1,005. This range is based on the number and age of Toyota Prius’s on the road.

How long does a 2002 Prius battery last?

Most Prius owners with vehicles from the early 2000’s claim that their Toyota Prius battery lasted anywhere between 12 and 15 years before it needs a battery replacement. Some Prius owners boast of battery life that reaches mileage volumes of 200,000+ miles, but these cases seem to be rare.

How much does it cost to replace the batteries in a Toyota Prius?

It can cost between $2,200 and $4,100 to replace a Toyota Prius battery. When you’re breaking down the price, keep in mind that even a used Prius battery costs around $1,500. Once you factor in labor costs and additional fees from your mechanic, you’ll be looking at a much higher bill.

Does a Prius have 2 batteries?

Most hybrid vehicles, like the Toyota Prius, have two batteries. A smaller 12 Volt auxiliary battery, and the much larger high voltage Hybrid System Battery. The purpose of the 12V, is to power the computer and accessories when the hybrid system is not in Ready Mode, and to assist in starting the vehicle.

How do you tell if a Prius battery is going bad?

Signs of hybrid battery failure

  1. A decrease in fuel economy. If you’re not getting the gas mileage you should, it likely indicates that the battery is dying.
  2. Fluctuations in the state of charge.
  3. The battery’s not holding a charge.
  4. The internal combustion system runs more than it should.
  5. Strange engine noises.

Is it worth it to replace Prius battery?

In general, I would say that the AVERAGE battery durability for Gen 3 Prius is about 180K miles. Thus, if you’re at 210 on the original battery, you probably should anticipate replacing it. That said, cost of replacement has come way down now that there are many aftermarket companies that will do it.

How do I know if my Prius battery is bad?

Can you replace a Prius battery yourself?

Yes, if you are reasonably handy with basic automotive tools and follow basic common sense you can change out the battery yourself. As long as you remove the Orange Safety plug there is close to zero chance of getting hurt by electricity.

Does a Prius have a 12V battery?

That’s a question we hear quite often, sometimes from folks who are surprised to learn there is more than one type of battery in the Prius. There is actually a 12-volt auxiliary battery located in the rear of the Prius and OPTIMA Batteries makes a direct-fit replacement for it.

Can a Prius run without a battery?

In the case of a dead Prius battery, your vehicle could still run off gasoline, but it would be weak and not very smooth driving. It would still be best if you replaced the battery as soon as possible. In most cases, if your high-voltage battery is dead, the vehicle will not run properly.

Does the Toyota Prius have a hybrid battery?

The Toyota Prius is an electric hybrid manufactured by Toyota since 1997. Electric hybrids run off battery power, so if you want to keep your vehicle running, youll have to make sure that the batteries are in good shape. You can find hybrid batteries for the Prius on eBay.

How long do Toyota Prius batteries last?

The batteries can last up to 15 years if not exposed to direct sunlight. Toyota quotes an 8-year life span for Prius batteries but states they could last from five to 10 years or longer. A new pack can be purchased when the original wears out.

Will a Mazda Miata battery fit in a Prius battery holder?

This Mazda Miata battery also fits in the original Prius battery holder of the Prius 2001 – 2003, when installed with our kit with instructions. This battery also exceeds the storage capacity of the original Prius Battery (Toyota Part number 28800-21050 – GS S34B20L) which has 28 Amp Hour rating compared to 31 Amp Hour for this battery.

How long does it take to install a Prius battery?

The very reasonable cost of your battery and kit will probably save me thousands of dollars over time, as I’m hopeful now that I can keep my Prius (which is in excellent condition otherwise) for years to come. ” ” Well I received the battery today and it took me about 30 minutes to install it. The wood block [battery riser] worked fine.