How much is an iPhone 5s in Australia?

How much is an iPhone 5s in Australia?

Pricing & Availability iPhone 5s comes in gold, silver or space grey, and will be available in Australia for a recommended retail price of RRP A$869 inc GST for the 16GB model and RRP A$999 inc GST for the 32GB model and RRP A$1,129 inc GST for the 64GB model.

How much does an iPhone 5s cost now?

iPhone 5s (16GB / 32GB / 64GB)

Amazon $60 / $65 / $70 (all colors)
Best Buy (in-store credit) $49 / $49 / $61 (gray)
Gamestop (in-store credit/cash) $60 / $65 / $70 (all colors)
Gazelle $65 / $70 / $80 (all colors)

Is an iPhone 5s still usable?

The design is based on the iPhone 8’s, so you have a 4.7in LCD display that is backed up by the same processor as used inside Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max. And because the iPhone 5s is now basically unusable, meaning it no longer gets iOS updates, the SE 2020 is definitely the way to go.

When was iPhone 5s released in Australia?

September 20
iPhone 5S, 5C to be released in Australia on September 20 | ZDNet.

How expensive is an iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 (16GB): $649. iPhone 5s (16GB): $649. iPhone 6 (16GB): $649. iPhone 6 Plus (16GB): $749.

How long will a iPhone 5S last?

The iPhone 5s has a Standby time of up to 10 days and a Talk time of up to 10 hours on 3G.

Will iPhone 5S work on 2020?

The iPhone 5s is obsolete in the sense that it hasn’t been sold in the U.S. since 2016. But it is still current in that it can use Apple’s most recent operating system, iOS 12.4, that was just released. And even if the 5s is stuck using an old, unsupported operating system, you can continue to use it without concern.

Is it worth buying an unlocked Apple iPhone 5S?

An unlocked Apple iPhone 5s gives you more options for your smartphone needs, and often they are refurbished or slightly used. Since they are unlocked, you can operate them on any GSM network. Unlocked phones give you the freedom to have a smartphone without a long-term contract. What are the benefits of an unlocked iPhone?

How many GB is the iPhone 5S?

Apple iPhone 5S (32GB, Space Grey) – Grade Buy Apple iPhone 5S (32GB, Space Grey) – Grade (Excellent) from Becextech Australia More info… Apple iPhone 5s (16GB, Space Grey) – Grade Buy Apple iPhone 5s (16GB, Space Grey) – Grade (Excellent) from Becextech Australia More info… Used as Demo Apple iPhone 5S 16GB Phone -…

How much is a 64GB iPhone 5S worth?

6 product ratings – Apple iPhone 5s- 64GB – Silver (Unlocked) A1533 (CDMA GSM) NEW In SEALED BOX. $189.00. Free shipping. 3 new & refurbished from $123.88.

Is Apple’s iPhone 5S in the making?

More info… Apple’s iPhone 5S iPhone in the making has been the talk of the town for a while now even if their announcement is at least a month and a half away.