How much is an original Colt 45 worth?

How much is an original Colt 45 worth?

An 1873 single-action . 45-caliber Colt revolver – the first six-shooter of the type known as the ”Peacemaker” to be produced – was sold for $242,000, a record at auction for a firearm, at Christie’s East on Thursday.

What is the oldest Colt revolver?

Colt Paterson revolver
36-caliber, Patent Arms Company, 1839. The Colt Paterson revolver was the first practical revolving-cylinder handgun ever made. Invented by Samuel Colt in 1831 and patented in 1836, the Colt Paterson revolver became synonymous with Texas.

What caliber is a Colt da 41?

.41 Long Colt
Manufacturer Colt’s Manufacturing Company
Produced 1877 to 1939
Bullet diameter 0.386 in (9.8 mm)

What revolver did Wyatt Earp use?

Colt single-action Army revolver
Wyatt uses a Colt single-action Army revolver with a 4.75-inch barrel for most of the movie, but he breaks out a different SAA with a 12-inch barrel that he says was made custom for him by Ned Buntline.

What is the best Colt pistol?

The Colt Gold Cup has always been the competition model, originally devised for bullseye shooters and the National Matches at Camp Perry. Today, there are multiple Gold Cup models but the best of them is the Gold Cup Trophy. It’s available in . 45 ACP, 9mm and .

What caliber did most cowboys use?

The most common cartridge weapon in the Old West “Cowboy Era”was probably the 45 Colt Single Action. Hollywood favored the Colt Peacemaker Model Single Action Army . 45 caliber revolver for its actors.

Is 41 Magnum obsolete?

Though a few police departments adopted it, and a handful of hunters seemed to love it, it never fully developed any mass appeal. Today, with the proliferation of 10mm pistols and revolvers that offer great terminal performance with less recoil, it would appear that the . 41 Magnum is headed for extinction.

Is there a 41 caliber pistol?

41 Remington Magnum, also known as . 41 Magnum or 10.4×33mmR (as it is known in unofficial metric designation), is a center fire firearms cartridge primarily developed for use in large-frame revolvers, introduced in 1964 by the Remington Arms Company, intended for hunting and law enforcement purposes.

What guns did Doc Holliday carry?

Kilmer’s Doc carries an ivory-gripped, nickelplated Model 1877 Colt Lightning/Thunderer double-action revolver in a shoulder holster as his first weapon of choice. He also carries an ivory-gripped Colt Single Action Army model in a hip holster.

Are there still Earps alive?

Deceased (1848–1929)Wyatt Earp / Living or Deceased

What is the most valuable Colt revolver?

Colt Walker Revolver
An incredibly rare and important Colt Walker Revolver made history at Rock Island Auction Company (RIAC) this week. The 19th century pistol sold for a record-breaking $1.8 million, making it the most valuable single firearm ever sold at auction.

Is Colt a good gun?

All are excellent weapons for defense, and in some cases offense; they are equally at home in a homeowner’s gun safe or carried as an officer’s sidearm. Here are five of the best handguns currently in service worldwide.

What is the value of a colt Viper revolver?

CarryTexas. A friend recently inherited a Colt Viper.

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  • What is 41 caliber?

    The Ducks took out some frustration on the Pac-12’s worst women’s basketball team. No. 11 Oregon ended its two-game losing streak with a 100-41 mauling of California on Sunday at Haas Pavilion. It was the most lopsided loss the hapless Bears (0-10, 0-7) have ever suffered.

    What is a colt 41?

    The 41 Long Colt was brought out in 1877 for the Colt Lightning model and later introduced in the New Navy and Bisley models. It was brought out as a self defense round and with the relatively blunt 200 grain bullet it was considered adequate. Many old west characters liked it due to ease of carrying.

    What is a Colt revolver?

    Leave this field empty if you’re human: U.S.A. -( The powerful Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum winds its way into the company’s popular snake gun revolver series and crushes the competition. Ballistic Magazine recently announced, “Colt has