How much is Donald Soffer worth?

How much is Donald Soffer worth?

$4.2 billion
As of July 2015, he and his family were worth $4.2 billion.

Who is the owner of Aventura Mall?

Turnberry Associates
Simon Property Group
Aventura Mall/Owners

How much is Jeffrey Soffer worth?

Soffer owns 72% of the hotel and a sizeable chunk of Aventura Mall, plus stakes in the family’s other hotel, office and residential properties in Florida; FORBES estimates his net worth at $1 billion.

Who owns Fountain Blue?

Jeffrey Soffer’s
Jeffrey Soffer’s new firm is the sole owner of the Fontainebleau, JW Marriott Turnberry Miami, Turnberry Isle Marina, Turnberry Ocean Club and The Big Easy Casino in Hallandale Beach.

Who owns Mad summer?

Jeffrey Soffer
Inside MADSUMMER Yacht • Lurssen • 2019 • Owner Jeffrey Soffer

Name: Madsummer
Price: US$ 250 million
Annual Running Cost: US$ 15 – 18 million
Owner: Jeffrey Soffer
Captain: Pls send info!

Who is Craig Robbins married to?

Jackie Soffer

Craig Robins
Occupation Founder and CEO of Dacra Development Co-founder and co-owner of Design Miami
Known for Developer of South Beach in the ’90s and ’00s Developer of the Miami Design District Founder and Owner of Design Miami
Spouse(s) Jackie Soffer

Donald Soffer (born September 20, 1932) is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is a real estate developer who developed Florida swampland into what was to become the city of Aventura, Florida. As of May 2016, he and his family are worth $4.2 billion.

Who is Frank Soffer?

He is a real estate developer who developed Florida swampland into what was to become the city of Aventura, Florida . Soffer was born to a Jewish family in Duquesne, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, the son of Ida (née Kessler) and Harold “Harry” Soffer who sold appliances and owned a Studebaker car dealership.

Who is Donald Soffer’s son?

In 1967 real estate developer Donald Soffer bought a 785-acre tract of undeveloped swamp and marshland in Miami-Dade County, Florida; he built a mall, office buildings, and condo towers in what is now the town of Aventura. Now his son Jeffrey and daughter Jackie Soffer are co-CEOs of Turnberry Associates, the family’s Aventura, Fl.

What does Don Soffer do for a living?

His daughter, Jackie Soffer, is the CEO of Turnberry today and is married to Miami Beach real estate developer Craig Robins. His daughter, Brooke Soffer, operates various stores in the Aventura Mall and his son, Rock, also works in the family business. Don Soffer Aventura Charter High School is named after him.