How much is The Dark Knight Returns comic worth?

How much is The Dark Knight Returns comic worth?

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

undefinedundefined Issue: # 1
Current Value: $110.00
Searched: 26110
Owned: 819
Pages: 48

How many Dark Knight Returns comics are there?

The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date February – June 1986
No. of issues 4

What was the point of The Dark Knight Returns?

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is the story of one man’s journey to discovering his true self and finding comfort within it. Conflicted throughout most of his life, Bruce Wayne’s mission never changes. Almost without volition, Bruce Wayne is sucked back into the lifestyle and calling he had given up decades earlier.

When did The Dark Knight Returns comic come out?

…that reached its apex with Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986), a four-issue miniseries by writer and artist Frank Miller that has come to be regarded as one of the first American graphic novels.

How much is Batman vs Predator comic worth?

Predator #1 – The hunter becomes the hunted! Batman Versus Predator #1 Normal Version!…Batman vs. Predator (1991 1st Series) comic books.

$25 Batman Versus Predator DC #1 Prestige Format Dark Horse 1992 Direct Comic Book
$40 DC/Dark Horse Batman vs Predator 1st Print 1991 Book 1 Of 3

Is there a sequel to The Dark Knight Returns?

DC Comics announced a new sequel called Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child. The Golden Child is a direct followup to The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

Is The Dark Knight Returns worth reading?

So yes, it’s absolutely worth reading as a piece of art and for the cultural impact it has had, but it’s not something I would recommend without hesitation. Two words: HELL YES!! It’s one of the best Batman stories ever, and covers a great deal of concepts that most other Batman stories don’t…

Why did Batman quit in The Dark Knight Returns?

Bruce Wayne retired from his life as Batman after the murder of his sidekick, Robin. He was forced to come out of retirement to fight a street gang called the Mutants.

Is The Dark Knight Returns political?

Does The Dark Knight Rises have a political agenda? Yes. Nolan eviscerates Occupy Wall Street: “The conservative themes coursing through The Dark Knight were no accident,” and The Dark Knight Rises “pushes the ideological envelope even further,” says Christian Toto at Big Hollywood.

How long is The Dark Knight Returns comic?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781401263119
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication date: 02/16/2016
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 11,733

How can you tell if a comic is a first print?

The first 3 numbers 001 indicate the issue number. The fourth number indicates the cover; a 1 is the regular cover. If it was a 2 or 3 it would mean this issue has a variant cover. The fifth and final number tells you the printing, with 1 meaning the issue is a first printing.

Who is the Joker in the Dark Knight Returns?

This imagery draws back to one depicted by Miller and Varley in their 2002 follow-up to his original classic. In The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Dick Grayson is seen masquerading as the Joker, who was killed during a confrontation with Batman in the original series.

Is the Dark Knight Returns a graphic novel?

“The Dark Knight Returns” is a seminal contribution to graphic novel fiction – and was hugely influential both within the comic book industry generally and upon the characterisation of Batman in particular. This is, perhaps, Frank Miller’s most famous and important work. It consists of a four-issue mini-series, first published in 1986.

What is the Dark Knight Returns?

The dark knight returns is a batman comic book miniseries written and drawn by frank miller and published by dc comics from february to june 1986.