How much power does Corsair H60 use?

How much power does Corsair H60 use?

The Asetek 570LC uses pretty much the same pump as the H70, and it uses 3.1 watts.

Is the Corsair H60 a good cooler?

It’s dead silent cooling, too. It’s not a bad cooler by any means. It’s reliable and gets the job done, but it’s more of a novelty to have a 1-fan liquid CPU cooler like this than it being a super effective means of CPU cooling. It gets the job done, but you can get better in the same price range.

How long does Corsair H60 last?

This comes out to ~5 1/2 years of runtime. 12 hours a day of use, that puts you to 11 years.

Does Corsair H60 need water?

Serious liquid cooling for high-performance CPUs no longer means dealing with complex plumbing. Hydro Series H60 comes pre-filled, and never needs refilling or priming.

Does Corsair H60 support LGA 1200?

Answer: Yes, this AIO is compatible with socket LGA 1200 because the mounting dimensions are the same as LGA 115x.

What liquid is in Corsair H60?

The Hydro Series H60 Liquid CPU Cooler from Corsair is an all-in-one closed-loop solution for your cooling needs. It’s compatible with a wide variety of Intel and AMD processors, and comes with the proper mounting equipment needed….Corsair Hydro Series H60 Specs.

Cooler Type CPU Liquid Cooler
Maximum Airflow 57.2 CFM

Is Corsair H60 quiet?

Noise pressure is still not an issue. The cooler is silent when it comes to noise levels. Despite the low noise levels, we can hear the pump a tiny bit though.

Does Corsair H60 need thermal paste?

The pre-applied thermal paste is fine but if you want to switch it out, that’s up to you. Most people use it without any issues.

Are AIOS worth it?

High end air coolers will outperform them, but and aio is normally easier to install since it’s less bulky. As long as it can deliver the cooling you want, yes it’s worth it, just don’t over pay.

What fan comes with the H60?

Ships from United States. Dynamically adjust fan speed between 600 RPM to 1,700 RPM with a 120mm CORSAIR SP Series PWM fan….Learn more about the Corsair CW-9060036-WW.

Series Hydro Series H60
Model CW-9060036-WW
Type Type Liquid Cooling System

Does the H60 work with LGA 1151?

You just need to push the holes or things that go in, whatever they are called, out to the edges of backplate and it will fit.

Does Corsair H60 have led?

CORSAIR Hydro Series™ H60 Liquid CPU cooler’s second-generation design offers powerful, low-noise, liquid cooling. The redesigned fan and low-profile radiator help H60 excel at rapidly drawing heat away from your CPU, all the while looking stylish with its white LED-lit pump head.

Is the Corsair hydro series H60 a good CPU cooler?

Corsair Hydro Series H60 120mm Liquid CPU cooler In this review we go back to basics with a 120mm LCS, we check out the new and updated (2018) model H60 – a single fan 120mm AIO Liquid cooler series. No extravagant software control, just a simple enough cooler with nice capacity, low acoustics and more than adequate cooling capacity.

Is Corsair H60 better than Antec H60?

They do mention the doubt about coolant evaporation, and state that Corsair has confidence enough in the tubes to give the H60 a 5-year warranty, over the Antec’s 3. Full Review! By Overclockers Club Posted on April 27, 2011

How long does the Corsair H60 warranty last?

The new Corsair H60 is warrantied for five years, and it’s available now from the company’s website and online retailers including Amazon and Newegg for $70. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

What makes the H60 so special?

With a new micro-channel cold plate and a split-flow designed manifold, the H60 brings remarkable new technologies to an affordable price point. If that weren’,t enough, the H60 also features an all-new fan, custom designed to offer enhanced static pressure, which means better cooling.