How old is Eleni Paparizou?

How old is Eleni Paparizou?

40 years (January 31, 1982)Helena Paparizou / Age

Is Helena Paparizou married?

Andreas KapsalisHelena Paparizou / Spouse (m. 2015)

Where is Helena Paparizou from?

Borås, SwedenHelena Paparizou / Place of birthBorås is a city and the seat of Borås Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. It had 66,273 inhabitants in 2010. Wikipedia

When did paparizou win Eurovision?

Greece won the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, its first Eurovision Song Contest victory. Greek national broadcaster Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) internally selected Helena Paparizou who sang “My Number One” in Kyiv, winning the competition with 230 points.

Who won 2006 Eurovision?

LordiEurovision Song Contest 2006 / WinnerLordi is a Finnish hard rock/heavy metal band, formed in 1992 by the band’s lead singer, songwriter and costume maker, Mr Lordi. In addition to their melodic metal music, Lordi are also known for wearing monster masks and using horror elements with pyrotechnics during concerts and music videos. Wikipedia

Who won the Eurovision 2005?

Helena PaparizouEurovision Song Contest 2005 / Winner

The winner was Greece with the song “My Number One”, performed by Helena Paparizou and written by Manos Psaltakis, Christos Dantis and Natalia Germanou. This was Greece’s first victory in the contest after 31 years of participation.

Who is Elena Paparizou husband?

Andreas KapsalisHelena Paparizou / Husband (m. 2015)

Who won Eurovision 2004?

RuslanaEurovision Song Contest 2004 / Winner
The winner was Ukraine with the song “Wild Dances”, performed by Ruslana who wrote it with Oleksandr Ksenofontov (her husband). This was Ukraine’s first victory in the contest after only 1 year of participation. Serbia and Montenegro, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus rounded out the top five.

How tall is Elena Paparizou?

5′ 7″Helena Paparizou / Height

How old is Anna Vissi Greek singer?

64 years (December 20, 1957)Anna Vissi / Age

How old is Elena from Eurovision?

She represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song “El Diablo”, finishing in 16th place….Elena Tsagrinou.

Elena Tsagrinou Έλενα Τσαγκρινού
Born 16 November 1994 Athens, Greece
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2013–present
Labels Feelgood (2013–2017) Panik (2017–present)

Who won 2010 Eurovision?

The winner was Germany with the song “Satellite”, performed by Lena and written by Julie Frost and John Gordon. This was Germany’s second victory in the contest, following their win in 1982, and their first win as a unified country.

What is the barcode number for Helena Paparizou?

COL 675891 1, Barcode 5 099767 589212. ^ ” Helena Paparizou – My Number One” (in German). Ö3 Austria Top 40. Retrieved 2011-08-01.

What happened to Paparizou after my Number One?

After the release of “My Number One”, a Swedish album followed which contained “My Number One” and in Greece Paparizou re-released her first album Protereotita featuring “My Number One” and the other songs in the running for Eurovision pre-selection. It has sold over 90,000 copies in Greece and was certified double platinum.

How did Maria Paparizou get selected for Eurovision?

Before Eurovision, Greek national broadcaster ERT used an internal selection method to choose Paparizou. They then had composers submit songs for her to perform, among which four were picked (“My Number One”, “OK”, “Let’s Get Wild” and “The Light in Our Soul”).

What is the name of the Greek singer who sings my Number One?

“My Number One” is a song recorded by Greek-Swedish singer Helena Paparizou, written by Manos Psaltakis, Christos Dantis, Natalia Germanou and produced by Christos Dantis. It was the Greek winning entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, held in Kyiv, awarding the country its first victory in the Eurovision Song Contest.