How old is Janey Lee Grace?

How old is Janey Lee Grace?

61 years (March 4, 1960)Janey Lee Grace / Age

What band was Janey Lee Grace in?

About Janey Lee Grace “Janey had her own top ten hit with Cola Boy’s Seven Ways To Love.” Janey Lee Grace began her career as a backing singer for George Michael and Wham!, Kim Wilde and Boy George, and went on to have her own top ten hit as Cola Boy with Seven Ways To Love.

Does Steve Wright have a wife?

Cyndi RobinsonSteve Wright / Wife (m.?–1999)

Who is Janey Lee Grace married to?

Simon EtchellJaney Lee Grace / Spouse

Who is Bobby Prior?

Bobbie keeps the nation moving with the travel news on Simon Mayo drivetime, weekdays 5pm-7pm. Bobbie landed at BBC Radio 2 and established the weekend travel service following two years at BBC 5Live.

Where is Steve Wright today?

Home for Wright is now a £1million bachelor flat in Central London, above a scruffy garage where he parks his black Range Rover.

How old is Zoe Ball?

51 years (November 23, 1970)Zoe Ball / Age

Who is Steve Wright DJ married to?

Cyndi RobinsonSteve Wright / Spouse (m.?–1999)

When did Janey Lee Grace stop drinking?

I finally ditched the booze end of December 2017 and didn’t look back. I wish someone had told me how amazing life without booze is. I gave a TEDx talk Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew! in July 2019, host the podcast Alcohol free Life where I interview inspirational guests, and started The Sober Club 18 months ago.

Is Steve Wright married?

Who is Jules Lang?

Jules Lang (@JulesLangVoice) / Twitter. Voiceover artist, broadcaster, lover of trees and creator of preshuss things ….

Who is covering for Steve Wright today?

Who has replaced Steve Wright? Fear not, Steve’s show is in in good hands. TV and radio star Vernon Kay has been filling in for him since November 25, 2021 – before that both Paddy O’Connell and Gary Davies have replaced Steve.

How old is Janey Lee Grace now?

Janey Lee Grace. Janey Lee Grace (born 4 March 1960) is an English singer, author, television (VH-1 and ITV) presenter and radio disc jockey, firstly with Virgin Radio as a travel reporter and then graduating to her own late night show for the station.

Who is Janey Gormley?

She was formerly a backing / session singer for many popular pop acts during the 1980s and 1990s before breaking into television as a reporter and radio presenter. Janey can be heard co-presenting “Steve Wright in the Afternoon” on BBC Radio Two.

Who is journaljaney and why is she famous?

Janey can be heard co-presenting “Steve Wright in the Afternoon” on BBC Radio Two. She also used to present her own show on BBC Radio 1 Her TV career includes reporting for GMTV and also appearances on various mainstream daytime and prime time television shows. Her up beat bouncy personality is popular with Radio Two listeners across the world.

Who is Steve Wright’s ex-wife Grace Jones?

Since 1999, she has been heard on BBC Radio 2 alongside Steve Wright, Tim Smith and (until 2016) the “old woman” Joyce Frost on Steve Wright in the Afternoon. At one stage she had her own show from 3am to 6am on Saturday mornings. Grace covered Wright’s Sunday Love Songs on BBC Radio 2 in December 2007 and January 2008.