How old is Lil Kesh now?

How old is Lil Kesh now?

26 years (March 14, 1995)Lil Kesh / Age

How long did Lil Kesh use YBNL?

two years
Like we all know, my contract with YBNL was for two years but that’s the business side to it. “And did I state that my contract included 3 videos for me and one album?

Is Lil Kesh still in YBNL?

On April 26,2016, Lil Kesh released a statement confirming the expiration of his contract with YBNL. He also released one album with the label.

How old is Omah?

24 years (May 19, 1997)Omah Lay / Age

Who signed Lil Kesh?

YBNL NationLil Kesh / Record label

What is Lil Kesh real name?

Keshinro OloladeLil Kesh / Full name

How can I join YBNL?

If you have no song pre-recorded, simply enter a recording studio and create one. Once you are confident in the standard of your selected or newly recorded song, send the MP3 file to the email address below. Your song would be reviewed by a member of YBNL Nation’s management team.

Who is Omahs girlfriend?

Nigerian singer Omah Lay has unfollowed his girlfriend, Gloria Eberechi on Instagram. According to reports, the music star unfollowed his girlfriend after it was reported that she cheated on him. Several videos of Gloria hanging out with another guy were shared on social media.

How old is fireboy?

26 years (February 5, 1996)Fireboy DML / Age

How can I contact Olamide?

Aside reaching out through the voice channels, you can also contact YBNL Nation through various social media platforms.

  1. Follow @Olamide YBNL on Twitter.
  2. Follow Official Ybnlnation or @baddosneh on Instagram.
  3. Like Olamide on Facebook.
  4. Send an email to [email protected].

How did fireboy get signed?

I met him for the first time in person at a hotel in Lekki. We exchanged a few words — he’s a man of few words. But I think we started recording that same day, working on the album. Olamide was also asked why he not only decided to sign Fireboy DML but made him his mentor instead.

What is fireboy’s real name?

Adedamola AdefolahanFireboy DML / Full name