How old is Massimo Ranieri?

How old is Massimo Ranieri?

Massimo Ranieri (born Giovanni Calone, 3 May 1951) is an Italian singer, actor, television presenter and director.

Where does the name Ranieri come from?

Ranieri is an Italian surname and given name originated from the masculine Germanic given name Ragnar ( Old Norse Ragnarr ). Teodorico Ranieri (b. unknown, d. 1306), Italian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church

What was Gianni Ranieri’s singing career?

Singing career. Ranieri recorded four songs in 1964: Tanti auguri signora, Se mi aspetti stasera, Non chiudere la porta, and La Prima Volta. None of the records were successful, primarily because young Gianni’s voice was changing. Two years later, he would re-emerge under his new stage name, Massimo Ranieri.

Who is Giovanni Ranieri?

Ranieri was born in Naples ( at Santa Lucia ), the fifth of eight children in the family. When he was 10, young Giovanni would sing at restaurants, wedding receptions, etc.

Massimo Ranieri (name in art of Giovanni Calone), Italian is a pop singer, a film and a stage actor, as well as a show-business personality. He was born in Naples (at Santa Lucia) on May 3, 1951. One of the most popular entertainers in Italy today, he came to the knowledge of the public by wi… read more

Who is Massimo Bacigalupo?

Massimo Bacigalupo (born 1947 in Rapallo, Italy) is an experimental filmmaker, scholar, and translator of poetry, an essayist and literary critic. He was a founding member of the Cooperative of Independent Filmmakers in Rome.

What is Massimo Bacigalupo’s book about?

Massimo Bacigalupo retrace, au cours d’un entretien avec Alessandro Leiduan, l’histoire de son expérience cinématographique et livre aux lecteurs quelques clés pour interpréter les films de l’un des courants artistiques les plus créatifs et anticonformistes du cinéma italien.

What happened to Michael Ranieri?

Though most entertainers have a “golden period” that lasts only a decade or so, Ranieri has remained active as a recording artist, TV personality, and actor of stage and screen to the present day.