How old was brother when doodle was born?

How old was brother when doodle was born?

six years

What is Daddy build Doodle?

We can imagine his sadness at the birth of Doodle, and we are told that it is Daddy who asks the carpenter to build a coffin, obviously predicting an early death. But also, perhaps to make up for this, it is Daddy who makes Doodle a go-cart.

Why does the narrator try to smother his brother?

Why does the narrator try to smother his brother? He is disappointed by his brother’s disabilities. He wants to put his brother out of his misery. He doesn’t recognize that his brother is a person.

How long does it take to teach doodle to walk?

about 9 months

What do doodles lies represent for him?

In the story, Doodle’s lies are a manifestation of his desire to have control over his life. Essentially, his lies constitute the vehicle with which he can transcend his disabilities. In Doodle’s stories, everyone can fly, and no one is impeded in any way.

Why does the narrator take doodle everywhere?

At first, the narrator takes Doodle everywhere because… What inference can you make about why the narrator thinks it is important for Doodle to walk? He is embarrased by Doodle’s disabilities. In the late summer, the narrator makes Doodle work especially hard because..

Why does the narrator try so hard to teach doodle to walk point out statements in lines 141 148 that support your answer?

Why does the narrator try so hard to teach Doodle to walk? Point out statements in lines 141-148 that support your answer. The narrator teaches him out of pride. The narrator knows that he did it for himself, “because I was ashamed of having a crippled brother” (lines 183-184).

What was Doodle better at than his brother?

The one thing that Doodle had that his brother didn’t was compassion. He showed so much compassion for life in this story. That was the one thing Brother never really had. Everything he had Doodle work for was out of selfish reasons and his pride.

What happens to end their joyful dance?

What happens to end their joyful dance? Symbolically, what’s interesting about this supposedly light-hearted moment? When they are dancing happily together, Aunt Nicey steps on his big toe and the happiness stops and he’s in lasting pain…

Why does the narrator teach doodle to walk and why does he cry?

The narrator/brother teaches Doodle to walk because Doodle will soon start school, and he is afraid that Doodle will embarrass him terribly there. On the day that Doodle demonstrates his accomplishment, the brother cries in shame when complimented because his motivation was entirely selfish.

Does Brother feel guilty for the death of Doodle?

In The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst, Brother is guilty of the death of Doodle. If Brother had tried to kill Doodle then, then subconsciously he always wanted Doodle to be dead, because Doodle was an embarrassment and “invalid”.

Why do we sometimes treat strangers better than we treat our own loved ones?

We are nicer to strangers just because they cannot see the real us within a short period of time. In our family, we show our real colors. We often treat strangers with an arms’ length of respect than our family. We are supposed to understand our loved one’s tendencies and know they do not mean to be rude.