How old was Pamela Des Barres when she was a groupie?

How old was Pamela Des Barres when she was a groupie?

Groupies Are Not Just Mere Fans Back in 1968, Pamela Des Barres was just 20 years old (she’s in her 70s now), yet her social group was filled with all the names we still listen to today. These bands were the greatest acts of the cultural revolution, and Pamela knew them all.

Who has Pamela Des Barres?

Led Zep, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, the Kinks, the Who… These were many of the greatest acts of the cultural revolution, and Pamela – who turned 20 in 1968 – knew them all.

What happened to Pamela Des Barres?

Today, Pamela Des Barres continues to author books, contribute to others’ works as an editor and consultant, and pen articles for online and print publications.

How old is Pamela Des Barres?

73 years (September 9, 1948)Pamela Des Barres / Age

Are groupies still a thing?

Yes there are still groupies but the dynamic is changing, and previous behaviours may now be considered inappropriate and even illegal. In the current era of Tinder (and Grindr) and the like, of course there are still hookups independent of committed relationships.

Who did Pamela Des Barres marry?

Michael Des BarresPamela Des Barres / Spouse (m. 1977–1991)

How old was Audrey Hamilton when she was with Robert Plant?

Audrey Hamilton was born on August 6, 1956. She became Robert Plant’s ‘road wife’ during the Led Zeppelin 1977 US tour. So she was 20.

Who was Pamela Des Barres husband?

Michael Des BarresPamela Des Barres / Husband (m. 1977–1991)

How do you identify a groupie?

How To Spot An Industry Groupie

  1. #1 – Backstage access without any purpose of being there.
  2. #2 – More knowledge of an artist’s social life than their music.
  3. #3 – Name drop more than The Game.
  4. #4 – Clubbing gear to a hip-hop show?
  5. #5 – Switch up the title (journalist, publicist, photographer, etc.)

Who was the most famous groupie?

Sable Starr
Born Sabel Hay ShieldsAugust 15, 1957 Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Died April 18, 2009 (aged 51) Reno, Washoe County, Nevada, U.S.
Known for Rock ‘n’ roll groupie
Children 2

Who is Audrey Hamilton in Neighbours?

Neighbours fans will see Audrey Hamilton make a brief return on UK screens next week. Audrey (Zahra Newman) gets drawn into the ongoing saga of Nicolette Stone’s disappearance when Paul Robinson finds a new clue. In upcoming episodes on Channel 5, Paul (Stefan Dennis) is contacted by his private investigator John Wong.