How tall is the Wells Fargo building in Jacksonville Florida?

How tall is the Wells Fargo building in Jacksonville Florida?

535 feet
The Wells Fargo Center is a skyscraper in Jacksonville, Florida. Standing 535 feet (163 meters) tall, it is the city’s second-tallest building. The tower was completed in 1974 by the Independent Life and Accident Insurance Company, and was known as the Independent Life Building.

Who owns the Wells Fargo building in Jacksonville Florida?

In 2014, the building sold to New York-based Allegiance Capital Partners for $75 million. According to the Florida Times-Union, the building was 89% occupied at the time of the sale. Today, the building lives on as an important figure in both the city’s skyline and its financial sector.

How many floors are in the Wells Fargo building?

The nine-story building has one level of below-grade parking and a typical floor plate of 34,000 square feet.

How tall is the Bank of America tower in Jacksonville?

617 ft
At 617 ft (188 m), it is the tallest building in Jacksonville, and the seventeenth-tallest in Florida (the tallest ten all being in Miami)….Bank of America Tower (Jacksonville)

Bank of America Tower
Management CBRE
Roof 189.06 m (620.3 ft)
Technical details

What is Jacksonville known for?

What is Jacksonville Most Famous For?

  • Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens.
  • Little Talbot Island State Park.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville.
  • Kayaking on St. Johns River.
  • Ritz Theatre and Museum.
  • Shopping and art walks in downtown.
  • Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail.
  • Jacksonville Beach.

How many stories is the tallest building in Jacksonville?

Timeline of tallest buildings in Jacksonville

Years tallest Name Floors
1954–1967 Aetna Building 22
1967–1974 Riverplace Tower 28
1974–1990 Wells Fargo Center 37
1990–present Bank of America Tower 42

How many stories is the Wells Fargo building in downtown Jacksonville?

37Wells Fargo Center / Floors
Description and tenants The Wells Fargo Center has 37 floors, and held the title of tallest building in Florida until 1981, when One Tampa City Center was completed. It remained the tallest building in Jacksonville until 1990, when the Bank of America Tower surpassed it in height.

Where is Wells Fargo headquarters?

San Francisco, CAWells Fargo / Headquarters

When was the Wells Fargo Center built?

August 12, 1996Wells Fargo Center / Opened

Is Jacksonville a black city?

Jacksonville is the largest city in the state of Florida and the largest city by area in the contiguous U.S. Jacksonville is named for President Andrew Jackson….Population by Race.

Race Population Percentage
White 518,449 58.22%
Black or African American 275,605 30.95%
Asian 42,425 4.76%
Two or More Races 32,396 3.64%

Does Jacksonville have any skyscrapers?

This list of tallest buildings in Jacksonville ranks by height the skyscrapers and high-rises in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, United States. The tallest building in Jacksonville is the Bank of America Tower, which is 617 feet (188 m) tall.