How to go to Funtastic Island?

How to go to Funtastic Island?

Get There! Go to North Bus Terminal, Subangdaku, Mandaue City > Ride a Bus going to Kawit, Medellin and Pay PHP 150 Bus Fare or V-hire 150 php > Ride a small boat in Kawit, Medellin going to Gibitngil Island and pay PHP 1,500 Boat Fare. This will be a 4 hours land travel + 20 minutes sea travel.

How to go fantastic Island Cebu?

FINDING GIBITNGIL FUNTASTIC ISLAND Take a bus from North Bus Terminal bound for Kawit (leaves every hour). The fare is Php150 for Ceres (aircon) Bus and 145 for non-aircon ones. Just let the conductor know that you’re going to Gibitngil Island and he’ll drop you off at Kawit.

What district is Medellin?

4th district
Medellin, Cebu

District 4th district
Founded 9 September 1881
Named for Medellín, Spain
Barangays 19 (see Barangays)

Is Medellin a poor city?

Medellin’s poverty rate increased for the first time in 2018 after more than a decade of steady decline and surged as a consequence of the economic crisis causes by the coronavirus crisis. By the end of 2020, more than 9% of the city lived in extreme poverty, meaning they had to survive of less than $45 a month.

Why is Medellin so popular?

Capital of Antioquia province, a fertile region famous for its coffee plantations and its flower farms, for its orchids and butterflies, it is known as the City of Eternal Spring for its idyllic climate. Everywhere you turn there seem to be new things happening.

Why is Medellin famous?

Does Medellin have beaches?

Although there are no beaches close to Medellin, there are many stunning beaches to which you can travel while using Medellin as your base, and each beach in Colombia has something different to offer.

Is Medellin Colombia poor?

While poverty is concentrated in the rural, sparsely populated areas, more than 50% of the population in the Medellin metropolitan area is poor and nearly 60% work in the informal labour market or is under-employed. Similarly, illiteracy rate in Antioquia is 5.1%, but in rural areas 10.6%.

Are drugs legal in Colombia?

Drug use is prohibited by the constitution, and there are laws banning it in certain specific circumstances, but it is not a criminal offence. Possession of the quantity of a drug permitted for personal use is not a crime. Also according to this study, marijuana is the most popular drug among Colombians.

Do they speak English in Medellín Colombia?

The other major cities, particularly Bogotá and Medellín, aren´t too slack when it comes to speaking English. Luckily enough, the glitzier, partayier areas of Colombia´s two largest cities also happen to speak the most English.

What clothes to wear in Medellín?

Even on a hot day, locals will almost always dress in long pants – jeans and a shirt is the uniform. Given the beautiful weather a sweater or jacket is not normally required. You might see locals in sweaters, jackets and scarves, however it’s more likely a fashion statement than due to cold weather.

How much does Funtastic Island cost in Cebu?

Below are the rates of the activites & facilities offered by FUNtastic Island, Gibitngil Island, Medellin, Cebu: Cottage – Php50-Php250 (Whole Day usage) Kayak – Php150/hour Life Vest/Jacket – Php25 Zipline – Php50/ride Cliff Diving – FREE PHOTO: Cottages in FUNtastic Island in Gibitngil Island, Medellin, Cebu

What is Funtastic Island famous for?

The famous Funtastic Island is a blend of an astounding picturesque of blue-green waters, breath-taking sunsets and rocky cliff façade similar to ones at Coron, Palawan, white sandbar beach and a humble fishing village of hospitable and kind-hearted people.

What makes Funtastic Island different from other islands?

Aside from the natural sceneries, Funtastic Island also boasts of several activities for the thrill-seekers such as a cliff-to-rock zipline, kayaking and snorkeling. But the most challenging that the island offers is the 40-foot cliff diving platform, hailed Adventure of the Year for 2014 by ABS-CBN’s local magazine show MagTV.

What is Funtastic Island in gibitngil like?

From the name itself, FUNtastic Island in Gibitngil promises a fun and adventure-filled getaway experience. It is a place to relax and enjoy the ocean breeze that will surely captivate your hearts. Really, the first time I saw the water surrounding the island it is really a wonderful thing to see.