How use VTM coded value adder?

How use VTM coded value adder?

How do I use my code?

  1. At the Coded Value Adder, insert your Smart Laundry Card.
  2. Use the keypad to enter the revalue code you just purchased.
  3. Once entered correctly, the device displays your new Smart Laundry Card balance.

What is a CVA code?

24. A cerebral infarction (ICD-9-CM code 434.91), also called a stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA), occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain is slowed or interrupted and brain tissue is deprived of oxygen and nutrients, causing cells to die.

How do I find my CVA ID?

The four-digit ID number can be found on a poster in your laundry room and on a sticker on the CVA machine itself, as well as on the CVA tri-fold provided to you in your Smart Card package.

How can I add value to my laundry card?

Visit the Coded Value Adder (CVA) machine that is located at the Campus Safety Office to redeem your laundry code. Insert your laundry card into the card reader (your current value will be displayed). When prompted, enter your 10-digit laundry code. Your value will be added to your laundry card.

How do you code a CVA sequela?

Code category I69* (Sequelae of cerebrovascular disease) specifies the type of stroke that caused the sequelae (late effect) as well as the residual condition itself.

How do I load an ESD card?

Customers can load value onto loyalty cards at the Value Transfer Machine (VTM™) using debit cards, credit cards, cash, EBT cards, or smartphone “tap-and-pay”. Depending on the CardSlide reader, customers can pay using loyalty cards or coins.

How do I add money to my CSC laundry card?

CSC Laundry Card Reload

  1. Register on website service of CSC laundry card.
  2. Set up a payment profile, and use your credit/debit card to store funds on the app.
  3. Take your phone to the laundry room and turn on your Bluetooth.
  4. Select an available machine and pay for one cycle using your credit/debit card.

Why does my laundry smell like a skunk?

Does your washing machine smell like a skunk? Hard water deposits, laundry detergent residue, film from fabric softeners all can accumulate within the washer machine and decrease operating efficiency. Dampness can also cause unhealthy mold and mildew within the washer bin, gaskets and hoses.

How do I add money to my laundry card online?

Fill out the entire credit card page to charge your credit card online and then click on Purchase. This will give you a 6-digit value code in BLUE. Take this value code and your laundry card to the Add Value Kiosk.