How wide is a Trimdek roof sheet?

How wide is a Trimdek roof sheet?

What is the sheet cover of the Trimdek Sheets? Cover width is 762mm. Actual sheet width is 820mm.

What is the minimum fall for Trimdek roofing?

Minimum roof pitch Long lengths and a special anti-capillary groove in the side lap allows you to use LySAGhT TrIMdEk on roof pitches as low as 2-degrees (1 in 30).

What is Trimdek roof?

LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® is a versatile roof and wall cladding featuring bold, trapezoidal ribs and subtle fluting in the pans. The low profile system maintains clean, long run roof lines of roofing and allows thermal movement. The TRIM-KLIP® system comprises a fully engineered steel bracket and a custom profiled weatherstrip.

What angle is Trimdek?

Also known as: Trimclad, Superdek and Monoclad COLORBOND® steel Trimdek Lysaght roofing sheets are used on roofs with a minimum of 2 degree of fall or greater. It is screw down metal deck roofing iron, which makes it very easy to install. These roofing sheets are a cost effective alternative to Klip-Lok roofing sheets.

What is trimdek® material?

1 TRIMDEK® design and installation guide lysaght tide 2 Lysaght Trimdek® Material specifications • xt generation ZINCALUMENe®aluminium/zinc/ magnesium alloy coated steel complies with AS1397:2011 G550, AM125 (550 MPa minimum yield stress, 125 g/m2

What is trimdek 1015 profile?

TRIMDEK® 1015 is manufactured from Al-Zn alloy coated steel that offers excellent corrosion resistance and lasts up-to four times more than ordinary Zinc coated steel profiles. TRIMDEK 1015 profile has a Unique anti-capillary groove in side lap which makes it leak proof and ensures weather tightness.

How thick is Lysaght trimdek 3?

LySaghT TriMdek 3 Simple, low-cost fixing Long, straight lengths of LySAGhT TrIMdEk can be lowered into place and aligned easily. Fixing with hexagon headed screws is simple and fast. Masses Span Limit Span (mm) Type State600 900 1200 1500 1800 2100 2400 2700 3000 Base metal thickness 0.42mm

What pitch can you use trimdek on?

MINIMUM ROOF PITCH Long lengths and a special anti-capillary groove in the side-lap allows you to use TRIMDEK® cladding on roof pitches as low as 2° (1 in 30).