How would you describe the Amazon forest?

How would you describe the Amazon forest?

The Amazon Biome, is defined as the area covered predominantly by dense moist tropical forest, with relatively small inclusions of several other types of vegetation such as savannas, floodplain forests, grasslands, swamps, bamboos, and palm forests.

What is the Amazon rainforest known for?

The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s richest and most-varied biological reservoir, containing several million species of insects, plants, birds, and other forms of life, many still unrecorded by science. The luxuriant vegetation encompasses a wide variety of trees.

How was the Amazon rainforest created?

THE HISTORY OF THE AMAZON RAINFOREST Fifteen million years ago, the Andes were formed by the collision of the South American plate with the Nazca plate. About ten million years ago, waters worked through the sandstone to the west and the Amazon began to flow eastward. At this time the Amazon rainforest was born.

Is the Amazon rainforest urban suburban or rural?

The Legal Brazilian Amazon, while the largest rainforest in the world, is also a region where most residents are urban. Despite close linkages between rural and urban processes in the region, rural areas have been the predominant focus of Amazon-based population-environment scholarship.

How would you describe a rainforest?

A Rainforest can be described as a tall, dense jungle. The climate of a rain forest is very hot and humid so the animals and plants that exist there must learn to adapt to this climate. Rainforests basically have four layers to them. As many as 30 million species of plants and animals live in tropical rainforests.

What are 5 facts about the Amazon rainforest?

11 Amazing Facts About the Amazon Rainforest

  • It’s mindbogglingly huge.
  • Diversity is off the charts.
  • Quite a few humans live there too.
  • It’s not really the lungs of the earth.
  • It’s disappearing at an alarming rate.
  • It’s really dark at the bottom.
  • Somebody swam the whole river.
  • It might be the longest river in the world afterall.

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What do settlers want in the Amazon rainforest?

What do settlers want? They use the rainforest land to farm so they can feed their families. Farming here is difficult, but the best farmland in their country is already owned by others.

What is the history of the Amazon rainforest?

The rainforest likely formed during the Eocene era (from 56 million years to 33.9 million years ago). It appeared following a global reduction of tropical temperatures when the Atlantic Ocean had widened sufficiently to provide a warm, moist climate to the Amazon basin.

What is energy development in the Amazon rainforest?

Energy development – This has focussed mainly on using Hydro Electric Power, and there are 150 new dams planned for the Amazon alone. The dams create electricity as water is passed through huge pipes within them, where it turns a turbine which helps to generate the electricity.

Why are the people of Amazon basin migrating to the towns?

Various factors are fueling this growth, among them larger family sizes and the Amazon’s high levels of poverty in comparison with other regions that draw people to the cities for work.

What are some descriptive words?

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Quelle est la biodiversité de la forêt amazonienne?

BIODIVERSITÉ. Un kilomètre carré de forêt amazonienne peut contenir 90 790 tonnes de plantes vivantes. Actuellement, 438 000 espèces de plantes ayant un intérêt économique et social ont été répertoriées dans la région, beaucoup plus restant à être découvertes ou classifiées.

Pourquoi la forêt amazonienne est-elle si luxuriante?

Si la forêt amazonienne est si luxuriante et qu’elle regorge de vert, c’est parce qu’il s’agit d’une forêt tropicale entourée d’eau. Les températures élevées (dans les tropiques, les rayons du soleil frappent le sol à la verticale, et sont donc beaucoup plus forts) font que des tonnes d’eau s’évaporent.

Comment protéger les exploitations agricoles de l’Amazonie?

Ces exploitations agricoles sont défendues par des pistoleros, sortes de gardes privés chargés de protéger la propriété foncière. L’Amazonie est traversée par de nombreuses routes et autoroutes qui pour la plupart ont été construites de façon illégale [ par les exploitants forestiers.

Combien d’arbres peut-on avoir dans un kilomètre carré de forêt amazonienne?

Certains experts estiment qu’un kilomètre carré pourrait contenir plus de 75 000 types d’arbres et 150 000 espèces de plantes supérieures. Un kilomètre carré de forêt amazonienne peut contenir 90 790 tonnes de plantes vivantes.