Is 515 a good MCAT score?

Is 515 a good MCAT score?

A score of 515 corresponds to the 92nd percentile among MCAT test-takers between 2015 and 2017, according to a percentile chart published by the AAMC. “If you’re scoring above the 50th percentile, that’s a whole lot better than scoring below the 50th percentile,” Kent says….

Is 523 a good MCAT score?

The highest MCAT score possible is a 528….The higher your MCAT percentile, the better.

MCAT Total Score MCAT Percentile Rank
521–523 99
520 98
517 95
514 91

Is 3.9 GPA good for med school Canada?

3.7/3.8 are reasonable for Queens, Mac, and Western (with weighting where relevant). You want 3.9+ for Ottawa and U of T (with weighting).

Why is Tulane Medical School not ranked?

Within two years, Tulane medical school dropped out of the rankings, Pisano says, because it no longer neatly fit into either of two newly created categories. “[U.S. News] changed the end point by dividing schools into two groups,” he says.

What is a competitive GPA for med school?

a 3.5 GPA

What are the easiest medical schools to get into?

Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into

Rank School
1 University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences
2 University of Massachusetts Medical School
3 University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine
4 University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine

Is it hard to get into McGill med school?

GPA. McGill recommends that you have a GPA of 3.8 or above to be a competitive applicant. Consider the recent stats of the average applicant GPAs: 3.89 (Quebec residents), 3.95 (non-Quebec Canadian citizens/residents), and 3.90 (international applicants).

Is Emory University good for pre med?

The resources are excellent for pre-health and anyone remotely involved in STEM. It is just up to students to access them when needed, but Emory’s resources are REALLY robust in comparison to some peer schools many prospective students consider. Either way, don’t worry about that because you should be good there.