Is a Twin Reverb a good amp?

Is a Twin Reverb a good amp?

The amp is good for about 85W. That’s a highly respectable amount of power, so we can say Twin Reverb is capable of pretty much anything. Of course, there are a couple of tubes responsible for these two effects and that legendary spring reverb is where this amp really shines.

Who uses a Fender Twin Reverb?

Twins have been used by the Beatles, Mike Bloomfield, Jerry Garcia (his first amp was a ’63 Twin Reverb that he used for most of his career), Keith Richards, Don Rich, Steve Howe, B.B. King, James Burton, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Eric Johnson, and even Kurt Cobain. In short, Twins have been and are everywhere.

What was the first year of the Fender Twin Reverb?

Introduced in late summer 1963, the 85-watt black Twin Reverb had classic silver-sparkle grille cloth, a raised Fender logo and redesigned dual-channel circuitry (normal and vibrato) with bright switches for both channels instead of a presence control.

How much does a Fender Twin Reverb amp weight?

64 lbs.
Weight: 64 lbs.

Why is it called a Twin Reverb?

During the blackface era of Fender amplifiers from 1963 to 1967, the amps had black faceplates, black tolex covering on the cabinet, and neutral to slightly amber tinted silver sparkle grill cloth with a small ribbed rectangular pattern. The Twin now had an onboard spring reverb tank and was renamed the Twin Reverb.

How does a Fender Twin Reverb work?

The amp does have two channels: A Normal channel and a Vibrato channel which contains Reverb and Vibrato. As you notice, both channels have similar tone controls and a bright switch. The bright switch can boost the brightness on both channels.

Where is the Fender Twin Reverb made?

Product Specs

Brand Fender
Model ’65 Reissue Twin Reverb
Finish Black
Year 1991 – 2022
Made In Mexico

What speakers are in a Twin Reverb?

The iconic ’65 Twin and ’65 Deluxe Reverb reissues utilize the C12K for its versatile headroom and clarity. The ’59 Bassman, ’65 Super Reverb, and Custom series Vibro-King utilize the P10R for its snappy vintage bite. Over the last decade, we have also equipped many Limited Edition amps with various Jensen speakers.

When did Fender stop making blackface amps?

Probably the most commonly seen of the Fender amps (in both original and reproduction form) are those of the Blackface Era. Production of these amps started in 1963 and carried on until around 1967, with a few amps still being produced this way into 1968.

What tubes are used in a Fender Twin Reverb?

Fender Twin Reverb amplifiers use four output tubes, of the 6L6GC type. They use six preamp tubes, consisting of four 7025/12AX7 types and two 12AT7 types. All Twin Reverbs feature a solid-state rectifier.

Where are Fender Twin reverbs made?

the United States
Just like the great Fender guitar amps of the 1950s and ’60s that founded our amp legacy and defined the essence of pure tone and power, this amplifier is assembled in the United States.

What tubes are in a Fender Twin Reverb?