Is an iPhone 3G worth anything?

Is an iPhone 3G worth anything?

Although newer iPhones get substantial value (iPhone 4S + 64GB AT is up to $150 today), iPhone 3 and 3GS are rapidly becoming worthless in the US. Your phone is may still be worth money in a rebate or gift cart in USA if you exchange it as part of a phone purchase.

Is iPhone 3G and 3GS battery the same?

From our standpoint, the single biggest problem with the iPhone 3GS as a telephone is its battery life….iPhone Q&A.

iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS
Battery Life (Web – 3G): 5 Hours 5 Hours
Battery Life (Web – Wi-Fi): 6 Hours 9 Hours
Battery Life (Music): 24 Hours 30 Hours
Battery Life (Video): 7 Hours 10 Hours

Will Apple sell me a battery?

iPhone Owners Your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. If it is out of warranty, Apple offers a battery service. Prices and terms may vary.

Is iPhone a 3G?

The iPhone 3G is a smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc.; it is the second generation of iPhone, successor to the original iPhone, and was introduced on June 9, 2008, at the WWDC 2008 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, United States….iPhone 3G.

Developer Apple Inc.
Manufacturer Foxconn

Which iPhone 6s battery is being recalled?

In November 2016, Apple acknowledged that iPhone 6s handsets made in September and October 2015 were faulty and prone to spontaneous and unexpected shutdowns; it says the issue is battery-related. The firm is therefore willing to offer a free replacement for the battery unit in affected models.

What can I do with my old iPhone 3?

Contact Apple via its recycling policy page and see what your old handset is worth. If you’ve got an original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS, Apple will still recycle the device for you but doesn’t offer any money, and you need to take it into an Apple Store.

What year was the iPhone 3 released?

iPhone 3G. On June 9, 2008, a year after the original iPhone went on sale, Apple rolled out its successor, the iPhone 3G.

Is iPhone 3GS still usable 2021?

Yes, but the maximum iOS level for a 3GS is 6.1. 6, so you will have a very difficult time finding apps that work with that version of the operating system. Further, you will have a bunch of security vulnerabilities and exploits- which Apple does not explicitly list, for obvious reasons.

What can I do with an old iPhone 3?

7 ways to make use of your old iPhone

  1. Sell or donate it.
  2. Make it a dedicated music player.
  3. Turn it into a kid’s entertainment device.
  4. Make it an Apple TV remote.
  5. Make it a permanent car, bike, or kitchen fixture.
  6. Use it as a baby monitor.
  7. Turn it into your bedside buddy.

How is the battery life on the iPhone 3G?

How is the battery life on the iPhone 3G? The phone comes with a 1,150 mAh battery. It lasts for six to seven hours of Wi-Fi-enabled web browsing. Talk time endurance maxes out at 10 hours. Music playback is supported for up to 24 hours. When on standby, the battery is good for 300 hours.

How many GB is an iPhone 3G?

iPhone 3G 7.41GB (Unlocked). RARE COLLECTOR’S ITEM Only 1 left. Apple iPhone 3G (?) – 16GB White. Damaged iPhone for spares/repair. The second-ever iPhone made by Apple, the iPhone 3G is a phone you should consider if you want an iPhone that’s handy, user-friendly, and extremely affordable.

Is it worth buying a used iPhone 3G?

The price of a used or refurbished iPhone 3G is lower than current feature phones, and the 3G is technically a “smartphone”. Despite being more than a decade old, the iPhone 3G is still solid at making calls, sending texts, clicking pictures, and browsing the web.

What is the 3rd generation (3G) iPhone?

The iPhone 3G was the 2nd member of the iPhone family, after the first generation of iPhones was released to the public in 2008, just a month after its announcement. You may be asking: What is 3G? 3G stands for “3rd Generation,” which ipso facto means that what’s inside the iPhone 3G is the 3rd generation of wireless technology.