Is Balance Druid good for PvP?

Is Balance Druid good for PvP?

PvP. Balance Druids are in a great spot PvP-wise due to Cyclone, a spammable CC spell, as well as their huge burst damage and offhealing. You have a wide array of tools to deal with your opponents, making you a flexible teammate in arenas or rated battlegrounds.

What Druid spec is best for PVP?

Feral combat druids are great for arena, due to their very OP dots. It is probably the most chosen PVP spec for druids, at least for arena of course. They can survive arena because of a few abilities. Their maim and skull bash is great to stop targets from casting a heal/deadly spell.

What is a moonkin?

Moonkin are large, flightless, sapient bird-like humanoids native to the night elf areas in northern Kalimdor. Sometimes called an “owlbear”, these large bipedal creatures have the size of an upright walking bear, but with bird-like features such as a beak, feathers, and flightless wings.

What Druid spec is best for PvP?

How is feral in PvP?

Feral Druid PvP Overview In general, the Feral Druid spec in PvP is a hybrid/support role. You have many tools at your disposal when it comes to Crowd Control, healing, defense, and offense, which make you a strong hybrid and support specialization.

What are the best PvP talents for feral druid?

Sabertooth is the best choice in this tier.

  • Wild Charge is the best choice in this tier.
  • Guardian Affinity is the best choice in this tier.
  • Mighty Bash is the best choice in this tier.
  • Soul of the Forest is the best choice in this tier.
  • Brutal Slash is the best choice in this tier.
  • Are feral druids good in TBC PvP?

    Throughout TBC, Feral Druids are the weakest of the three Druid specs in PvP. Compared to a deep Restoration build, Feral builds lack any form of efficient self-sustainability, so a Feral always has a timer on their health pool when engaging an enemy player.

    Do you need to be in Moonkin Form?

    The only benefits of Moonkin Form is the spell crit aura, mana gain melee proc and increased armor. While these are excellent qualities, in many cases it’ll be more useful to stay out of Moonkin Form so you have access to your healing spells. Don’t fall into the trap of staying in Moonkin Form all the time!