Is Bournemouth sunniest place in the UK?

Is Bournemouth sunniest place in the UK?

Bournemouth among sunniest locations in the UK this summer, says the Met Office. IT’S official, Bournemouth has been one of the sunniest destinations in the UK this summer. According to Met Office figures only Hastings fared better, with an average of 9.3 hours of sunshine per day from June 1 until August 19.

How many days of sunshine does Bournemouth get?

At Bournemouth, the sea temperature ranges from 8.5 °C (47 °F) in February, March to 17 °C (63 °F) in August, September. Here are the average sea temperatures. In Bournemouth, there are on average around 1780 sunshine hours per year. Here are the average hours of sunshine per day.

Does Bournemouth get good weather?

Thanks to its very own micro-climate on the southern coast, Bournemouth enjoys some of the best weather in the UK. Average winter temperatures rarely drop below 0 degrees whilst during summertime the town and beaches can offer temperatures of up to 32 degrees for visitors to bask in.

Is Bournemouth a good place to live?

Living in Bournemouth offers residents a truly excellent lifestyle. In fact, the town has been consistently voted as the UK’s premium seaside town. Bournemouth received the coveted title as the best seaside town in the 2019 Travel Awards, beating the popular town of Bude and Blackpool to the top spot.

How many days a year does it rain in Bournemouth?

Throughout the year, in Bournemouth, there are 162.1 rainfall days, and 328mm (12.91″) of precipitation is accumulated.

Does it rain a lot in Bournemouth?

Surprisingly, Bournemouth was named among the top 15 rainiest places, with the same amount of rainfall as Sheffield and Liverpool. The study shows that Bournemouth has an average of 120.5 rainy days per year and October has been named as our rainiest month.

Is Bournemouth or Poole better?

Bournemouth is the better, prettier and more compact high street compared to Poole, with department stores, a big book shop and plenty of cafes along with way. If you’re a fan of vintage shops, try Christchurch Road in Pokesdown too.

Is Poole bigger than Bournemouth?

Poole is the biggest town in Dorset and is second in size to Bournemouth.

Does it ever snow in Bournemouth?

As the matter of fact, the last recorded snowfall in Bournemouth was in January 2013 when the snow depth was at 3 cm. The freezing weather that is now going around the country is a result of Storm Emma colliding with the cold spell from the ‘Beast from the East’.