Is CaptainSparklez in an SMP?

Is CaptainSparklez in an SMP?

Jordan Maron, better known by his alias CaptainSparklez and Noob Pooper is one of the many streamers on SMPLive. CaptainSparklez joined SMPLive on May 24, 2019.

Who hit 1 trillion views on YouTube?

Today, YouTube, in collaboration with Minecraft developer Mojang, is celebrating an unprecedented trillionth view (trillion with a T) with a snapshot of the game’s unique and transformative history on the platform.

Does CaptainSparklez still play Minecraft?

Maron is primarily known for playing the video game Minecraft, which is featured on his main channel, CaptainSparklez, and the channel CaptainSparklez 2. His main channel is currently the 755th most-subscribed channel on YouTube with over 11.2 million subscribers as of August 2021….

Jordan Maron
Network PocketWatch

What’s SMPLive?

SMPLive was a private, whitelisted Minecraft survival server featuring several well-known content creators. The server was created by CallMeCarson and cscoop on March 1, 2019 and originally included 10 other members. The server quickly became popular, and it expanded to include 130 members.

How many total views does Dream have?

2.97 billion
As of January 26, 2022, his seven YouTube channels have collectively reached over 39 million subscribers and over 2.9 billion total views….Dream (YouTuber)

Subscribers 28.2 million (main) 39.9 million (combined)
Total views 2.97 billion (combined)

Who is the oldest Minecraft Youtuber?

“Minecraft Multiplayer Fun” is a 2010 YouTube video, noted for being the oldest video available for viewing on the PewDiePie channel. The video was uploaded by Felix Kjellberg, the owner of the channel, on 2 October 2010….

Minecraft Multiplayer Fun
Languages Swedish, English

How old is Thunder1408?

Thunder1408 Wiki

Name Thunder1408
Birthday August 14, 2002
Age 18 Years Old
Gender Male
Height 5 feet and 2 inches

How long does Minecraft take to beat?

According to HowLongToBeat, the average time for players to reach the credits is 90 hours, with people going at a leisurely pace taking a significantly longer 535 hours. Assuming the player wants to build a house, mine for the best gear, enchant their items and more, then over 100 hours is definitely normal.