Is Carl Meier a prophet?

Is Carl Meier a prophet?

While the claim that Meier is a prophet, and the reincarnation of the major ones before him, will disturb if not enrage Christians, it will sit no better with members of other religions, atheists, skeptics and know-it-all scientists, of course. None of this has any bearing, naturally, on the validity of the claim.

Is Meier the reincarnation of jmmanuel?

Having declared this distinction, it can be stated, as a matter of fact, that the actual claim is that Meier is indeed the reincarnation* of Jmmanuel, as well as a certain number of other specific prophets said to be in this lineage.

Who is Herr Meier?

(Herr Meier is the documented victim of twenty-one assassination attempts.) The below webpage represents the Official Australian Mirror Site (of the anonymous author) that was summarrily deemed “illegal” by his ISP in Brazil on January 1st, 2005.