Is Cesaria Evora still alive?

Is Cesaria Evora still alive?

December 17, 2011Cesária Évora / Date of death

What is Cesaria Evora known for?

Cesaria Evora, (born August 27, 1941, Mindelo, Cape Verde—died December 17, 2011, Mindelo), Cape Verdean singer who was known for her rich, haunting voice. Evora was born and raised on the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde, off the west coast of Africa.

How old is Cesaria?

Cesaria was born on 27 August 1941 in Mindelo, Cape Verde and died on 17 December 2011 in São Vicente, Cape Verde, she was 70 years at the time of her death.

In what language does Cesaria Evora sing?

She sang in Kriolu, which draws from West African dialects and Portuguese — the language of Cape Verde’s former colonizer. Évora had a gift for elevating morna ballads, a style of song whose lyrics address poverty, longing, and most deeply, partings: of both the physical and emotional kind.

Is Cesaria Evora married?

Ms. Evora didn’t think much of her international stardom and she went back to Mindelo whenever she could. She rebuilt her childhood home, turning it into a 10-bedroom house where friends and family often stayed. She had a son and a daughter by different men but never married.

What does the name Cesaria mean?

The head of hair
seh-sar-ya. Gender-Neutral Names. Origin:Portuguese. Meaning:The head of hair.

Why did Cesaria Evora perform barefoot?

A heavy smoker for decades, Ms. Evora was diagnosed with heart problems in 2005. She had strokes in 2008 and in September, when she announced she was retiring. Known as the “Barefoot Diva” because she always performed without shoes, Ms.

Why did Cesaria Evora sing barefoot?

Singer Cesaria Evora was known for winning over international audiences with the slow, somber ballads about love and sorrow from her native Cape Verde islands. She always performed barefoot as a sign of solidarity with the impoverished women of her island.

What is the language of Cape Verde?

PortugueseCape Verde / Official language

Languages. Although Portuguese is the official language and is used in formal situations, Crioulo, one of the oldest of the Portuguese creole languages, is by far the most widely spoken.

What means sodade?

Noun. sodade. The feeling of missing something or someone.

Which country owns Cape Verde?

1495 – Cape Verde becomes a Portuguese crown colony. 1960 – Many Cape Verdeans join liberation war against Portuguese rule in Guinea-Bissau. The struggle is led by the African Party for Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC). 1975 – Cape Verde becomes independent.