Is Charmant masculine or feminine in French?

Is Charmant masculine or feminine in French?

Meanings of “feminine form of charmant” in French English Dictionary : 1 result(s)

Category French
1 Common charmante [adj]

What is feminine Charmant?

Adjective. charmant (feminine singular charmante, masculine plural charmants, feminine plural charmantes)

What is a Charmant?

adjective. charming [adjective] very attractive. a charming smile. comely [adjective] (usually of women) pleasant to look at.

What is the feminine of intelligent in French?

intelligente intelligentes
General Rules

Gender Singular Plural
Masculine intelligent intelligents
Feminine intelligente intelligentes

Where are Charmant frames made?

Based in Sabae-City, Japan, the Charmant Group has 50 years of experience in eyewear frame production and today is one of the world’s leading integrated frame manufacturer with a presence in nearly 100 countries.

Is Reserve masculine or feminine?


masculin féminin
réservé réservés réservée réservées

Is Travailleur feminine or masculine French?

travailleur m (plural travailleurs, feminine travailleuse), worker, one who works.

What is the plural of Sympathique?


singulier pluriel
masculin sympathique sympathiques
féminin sympathique sympathiques

What does MAI mean French?

noun. May [noun] the fifth month of the year, the month following April.

Is Francais masculine or feminine?

The name of the language is LE françAIS – masculine, S silent, lower case F.

Is mince masculine or feminine?

Declension of the adjective mince

singulier pluriel
masculin mince minces
féminin mince minces

Do titanium frames break?

While both materials are very strong when used for bicycle frames, reliability is not the same. Surprisingly, modern titanium bicycle frames are much more likely to break than steel frames. Not because of strength, but just plain defective materials.