Is CSIR NET Physics tough?

Is CSIR NET Physics tough?

CSIR NET Physical Science Analysis 2022: Part B & C Difficulty Level. The CSIR NET Physical Sciences 2021 exam was conducted in online mode on 15 February 2022, in the second shift from 3.00 to 6.00 pm. As per the student reviews, the overall paper was moderate to difficult.

How can I prepare for CSIR NET Physics?


  1. Read Textbooks. Here is the first and most important point.
  2. Solve previous years Exam’s Problems. Just not only CSIR NET Physics, solve all competitive exam’s problems of B.Sc and M.Sc level physics.
  3. Practice mock test before exam.

What is a good score in CSIR NET?

CSIR NET Cutoff is the minimum marks on which selection of candidates for JRF and Lectureship will be based. The minimum benchmark to qualify CSIR NET exam is 33% for General, EWS and OBC category and 25% for SC, ST and PwD candidates.

What is the syllabus of net Physics?

Check the CSIR NET Physics syllabus for both – Core (Part-A) and Advanced (Part-B) from below….

CSIR Physics Syllabus 2021
Part A – Core Mathematical Methods of Physics
Part B – Advanced Thermodynamic and Statistical Physics
Electronics and Experimental Methods
Atomic & Molecular Physics

How many students qualify CSIR?

The following table contains the stats for the 2020 session….CSIR NET Exam 2020 Statistics.

CSIR NET Exam Stats Numbers
Total Candidates Appeared 171273
Candidates Qualified for CSIR NET JRF 2135
Candidates Qualified for JRF NET Only 112
Candidates Qualified for JRF (NET) UGC 1638

What are the important topics for net physics?


  • Mathematical Methods of Physics. * Contour integration.
  • Classical Mechanics.
  • Electromagnetic Theory.
  • Quantum Mechanics.
  • Electronics.
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics.
  • Condensed Matter Physics.
  • Thermodynamics and Statistics.

How can I crack CSIR in 3 months?

It is crucial that you personalize the 3 Month Study Plan for CSIR NET Exam for effective exam preparation….Time Table for CSIR NET 2021 Exam.

Days Part ‘A’ Part ‘B’ & ‘C’
67-72 days Previous year question practice Unit-12 Applied biology
73-78 days Previous year question practice Unit-13 Methods in biology

Is it tough to crack CSIR NET?

CSIR NET Paper-Wise Exam Analysis 2020-21 Both Paper-I and Paper-II of the CSIR NET 2020 were moderate to easy in terms of the difficulty level. For the General Aptitude section, most of the questions were asked from the Teaching and Research Aptitude.

Can I give UGC NET in physics?

ANSWER (1) You can go for CSIR UGC NET exam if you want to study physics. There are two types of NET one is the CSIR UGC NET for basic Science subjects like maths, physics, chemistry, engineering sciences etc.

Is CSIR NET easy?

Life Sciences: CSIR NET Life Sciences paper was moderate in difficulty level. Part-B was the easiest….CSIR NET Exam Analysis 2019.

CSIR NET Papers Difficulty Level
Chemical Sciences Moderate to Difficult
Physical Sciences Easy to Moderate
Life Sciences Easy to Moderate
Mathematical Sciences Moderate to Difficult

Can I become a lecturer after clearing CSIR NET?

After receiving passing the CSIR-NET, you eligible for a lectureship and research fellowship. As you told that you have qualified CSIR-NET, you will be able for teaching positions (assistant professor) in colleges and universities throughout the country. You will receive a salary of around Rs. 45,000 per month.

What is the salary of JRF?

JRF – Junior Research Fellow Salaries

Job Title Salary
IIT Delhi JRF – Junior Research Fellow salaries – 4 salaries reported ₹31,199/mo
CSIR India JRF – Junior Research Fellow salaries – 4 salaries reported ₹33,186/mo
University Grants Commission JRF – Junior Research Fellow salaries – 4 salaries reported ₹37,998/mo

What is CSIR NET physics syllabus and pattern?

CSIR NET Physics Syllabus and Pattern – Develop the Better Understanding for the Exam! The CSIR NET Exam is conducted for total of 5 subjects including Physical Sciences. All the CSIR Exams follow different formats to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and hence have different syllabuses.

How many ques are there in the CSIR NET physical science?

As per the exam pattern, the question paper will consist of total 3 sections – Part A, Part B and Part C in which Part A comprises the questions from General Aptitude Section, and remaining two will be based on the questions from CSIR NET Physical Science Syllabus. Check out the below table for more information – No. of Ques.

Can I apply for CSIR NET physical sciences lectureship exam?

Yes, you can apply for CSIR NET Physical Sciences Lectureship Exam. As for JRF, you must have age of 28 years. Thanks fo… Is this possible to crack the JRF exam in one month without any knowledge…!!!

Why choose previous years CSIR NET physical science question papers?

CSIR NET Physics Question Papers of previous years are the best approach for any candidates to have an idea about the format and practice accordingly. At Eduncle, we have provided the Previous Years CSIR NET Physical Science Question Papers. CSIR NET Physical Science Cutoff Marks – Selection Criteria to Qualify the Exam!