Is cvent a good company to work for?

Is cvent a good company to work for?

Company Culture at Cvent The employee experience below at Cvent, compared to a typical company. 86% of employees at Cvent say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Source: Great Place to Work® 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study.

Is there a demand for recruiters?

With 11 million job positions unfilled in the tight U.S. labor market, one profession is getting a particularly big bump in wages: recruiting.

Do recruiters hire from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is where motivated professionals come together, and recruiters know it. In fact, 72% of recruiters use the platform to find or vet job candidates. If you’re serious about your job search, simply having a LinkedIn profile is not enough.

What do you know about cvent?

Cvent, Inc. is a publicly held software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that specializes in meetings, events, and hospitality management technology. The company offers web-based software for meeting site selection, online event registration, event management, email marketing, and web surveys.

How do I clear my Cvent interview?

There are 5 levels to be cleared for getting into cvent.

  1. First Level. Its a shorlisting of candidates on CGPA basis.
  2. Second Level. Its a Online MCQ based round.
  3. Third Level. It is a online coding round on ‘Codility’ platform.
  4. Fourth Level (F2F Interview I)
  5. Fifth Level (F2F Interview II)

Is Cvent worth joining?

Cvent is a great place to work. The office culture is good and the people are helpful. They take time in training new joiners so that we can learn the entire process. But the salary for freshers is low and due to covid they are hiring mostly contractors.

How do I find a recruiter to get a job?

How to find a headhunter

  1. Ask others in your network for a referral.
  2. Search networking sites.
  3. Check message boards.
  4. Read business news stories.
  5. Join a trade or industry group.
  6. Call employers in your industry.
  7. Find one that specializes in your industry or niche.
  8. Research the headhunter and their agency before working with them.

Is now a good time to be a recruiter?

Now, recruiting is one of the hottest jobs in the market. According to CareerArc 2021 Future of Recruiting Study, 76% of companies say the 2021 hiring demand will exceed pre-pandemic levels.

Is LinkedIn recruiter worth the cost?

If you have multiple recruiters who need to share projects, InMails, notes, and searches, then LinkedIn Recruiter is definitely worth its cost. Being able to mass message, pipeline, and have access to private accounts is amazing for any recruiter, especially if you’re working with a team.

How does Cvent make money?

The company earns its revenue in two ways. First, it earns advertising revenue from its hospitality cloud product that lists hotels for events and, secondly, from companies using the event cloud on a usage model.

How do I prepare for a Cvent interview?

Is Cvent interview tough?

Hiring is so easy as it has 4 round starting from CCAT exam, First Technical Round, then Second Technical Round and last Managerial round. All interviews are nice. I cleared all round happily.

What does the technology team do at Cvent?

Cvent’s technology team is responsible for the design, development, and operation of the company’s suite of cloud-based software. The technology department boasts sharp technical skills and the ability to use collaboration and analytical prowess to work through complex problems.

Why join Cvent?

Why join Cvent? Our software solutions have helped more than 199 million people connect at 4.9 million events all over the world. Our industry-leading technology connects more people than ever.

What is client services at Cvent?

The Client Services department provides Cvent’s customers with an unrivaled level of service and strategic account management. Team members serve as customers’ primary point of contact, using their extensive product knowledge and professionalism to equip Customers with the expertise they need to derive the most value from Cvent’s products.

What does it mean to be a cventer?

Cvent is not a startup anymore, but even as we’ve become a global company, we still value our culture of entrepreneurship. So what does it mean to be a Cventer? It means having the freedom to innovate, while still being a part of something larger. It means having a voice that’s heard, and a team who will listen.