Is fergalicious a real word?

Is fergalicious a real word?

“Fergalicious” is a song recorded by American singer Fergie for her debut studio album, The Dutchess (2006). The title is a portmanteau of Fergie and delicious….Fergalicious.

Label A&M Interscope

Who wrote fergalicious?

FergieFergalicious / LyricistFergie Duhamel is an American singer and songwriter. She first achieved chart success as part of the hip hop group the Black Eyed Peas. Her debut solo album, The Dutchess, saw commercial success and spawned three Billboard Hot 100 number one singles: “London Bridge”, “Glamorous”, and “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. Wikipedia

What does loco mean?

slang. : mentally disordered : crazy, frenzied. Synonyms Example Sentences Phrases Containing loco Learn More About loco.

Does Loco mean crazy?

Loco is the spanish word for crazy, mad, insane. Additionally, the word can be referring to the shorten version of the word locomotive.

When did the song Fergalicious come out?

2006Fergalicious / Released

What genre is Fergalicious?

PopUK R&BHip-Hop/Rap

What does Coco mean in slang?

(slang) cocaine (feminine)

What does locomotion mean?

Definition of locomotion 1 : an act or the power of moving from place to place. 2 : travel interest in free locomotion and choice of occupation— Zechariah Chafee Jr.

What does loc mean?


Acronym Definition
LOC Level Of Consciousness (medical)
LOC Location
LOC Line of Control
LOC Locate(ing)

What nationality is Fergie?

AmericanFergie / Nationality

What is Fergalicious?

Fergalicious – by Fergie’s definition is to make them boys go loco or crazy. This word is a combination of FERGIE and DELICIOUS. Fergalicious is an adjective to describe Fergie of the B.E.Ps, this describes how sexy she is, and has similar connotations and implied meaning as My Humps. Man, that Fergie, she is one FERGALICIOUS babe!

Who wrote Fergie’s song Fergalicious?

“Fergalicious” is a song recorded by American singer Fergie for her debut studio album, The Dutchess. It was written by Fergie and Black Eyed Peas bandmate, who also produced the song as well as providing the instrumentation and additional vocals.

Did Fergie’s Fergalicious go platinum?

“Fergalicious” was certified 4× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and sold over 3.5 million digital downloads, becoming Fergie’s second best selling song in the United States. In Australia and New Zealand, the song peaked at numbers four and five respectively and received gold certifications.

What is the meaning of Fergie’s new song ‘self love’?

The song features an interlude that runs in a jingle style. The lyrics are centered on the theme of self-pride. Fergie raps about how she bests all other women and that no man is worthy enough to date her. Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly describes the song as a “self-love anthem”.