Is Game of Thrones better than Breaking Bad?

Is Game of Thrones better than Breaking Bad?

“Breaking Bad (2008)” and “Game of Thrones (2011)” both are arguably considered to be the two greatest TV shows of the 21st century according to the votes of thousands of IMDb users, both won numerous awards at the award ceremonies, both have strong fan bases of their own and both are rated 9.5 stars on IMDb with over …

Is Walking Dead better than Game of Thrones?

Originally Answered: Which is better: Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead? Game of Thrones is by far better than the Walking Dead. One cannot compare these genre’s though. But if you had to choose the one that any rational being would find better , Hands down , it has to be GOT.

Is Breaking Bad the best show ever?

Breaking Bad is widely regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time. It had moderate viewership in its first three seasons, but the fourth and fifth seasons saw a significant rise in viewership when it was made available on Netflix just before the fourth season premiere.

Which is better the wire or Game of Thrones?

Its commentary is much more important. The Wire is essentially a dramatized documentary, fiction based on non-fiction, whereas Thrones is just telling a story. A sprawling, amazing, exciting, detailed, incredible story, but a fantasy story nonetheless.

Why Breaking Bad is the best series?

With unique dialogues and complex references to chemistry, this show is devoured by nerds who dream of a transformation like White himself, a mundane everyman to a stellar drug kingpin. The series is poetic from the very start to the end with brilliant wide-ranging imagery.

Is Breaking Bad overrated?

Yes. Its one of the best television shows of all time, and its so much deeper. It shows how there aren’t any good or bad people.

What else is Andrew Lincoln in?

‘ Lincoln made a special appearance as ‘Rick Grimes’ in 2018 in the ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ the spin off to ‘The Walking Dead’ series. Lincoln has also been a part of many stage plays, including ‘Sugar Sugar’ (1998), ‘Blue/Orange’ (2000-01), ‘Free’ (2002), ‘The Late Henry Moss’ (2006), and ‘A Christmas Carol’ (2020).

What is the budget for The Walking Dead?

According to the show’s Producer in an interview, The estimated budget per episode of the Walking Dead is around $3.4 million per episode for the season its roughly around $56 Million dollars.

Is there anything better than Game of Thrones?

Black Sails has often been compared to Game of Thrones, and even though it’s not a fantasy, there are plenty of elements about this show that fans will recognize and enjoy: its period setting, its excellent characters, its engaging storytelling and world-building, and some beautifully shot battle scenes.

Which is better Vikings or Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones scores higher and is ultimately better than both Vikings and The Last Kingdom, despite an objectively disastrous ending to the show. Vikings is more blockbuster and epic than TLK, which comes across as more authentic and down-to-earth.

Is’the Walking Dead’a horror show or drama?

While some of The Walking Dead ‘s characters are serially put through this kind of dramatic recycling as ongoing representatives of the Horror, others end up the ad hoc playthings of writers more concerned with establishing new plot turns or lines of dramatic tension than with who these people really are.

Does Everyone end up being a Walking Dead stock character?

Everyone ends up being one or another kind of Walking Dead stock character. In which sense The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad make for a study in contrast.

Is’the Walking Dead’too fixated on its premise?

The Walking Dead may be too fixated on its premise because it has no real vision beyond it. It struggles to develop compelling plot lines because it doesn’t really know who its characters are or where they’re going, so it has a hard time telling meaningful stories about them.

What happened to the governor on’the Walking Dead’?

When we last witnessed the grim wasteland of AMC’s post-apocalyptic drama, Rick and his fellow survivors had defeated the Governor in a shootout at the Governor’s creepy, authoritarian facsimile of an all-American small town, Woodbury.