Is Gankoomon a royal knight?

Is Gankoomon a royal knight?

It was originally a Huckmon in which Gankoomon saw promise, and as he traveled the Digital World alongside the Sistermon sisters, intervening in the world’s incessant conflicts, he was tempered well by frequent, rigorous trials, eventually evolving through Child to Ultimate as the thirteenth Royal Knight, JESmon.

Who is Gankoomon?

Gankoomon is one of the Royal Knights and the only neutral party amongst their ranks, choosing to be a mentor to Hackmon, the apprentice Royal Knight, instead of fighting for or against mankind. He tasks Aiba with aiding in Hackmon’s training, which makes Hackmon feel betrayed and run to fight BanchoLeomon himself.

What is Gankoomon special move?

Gankoomon is #179 and is a Fire Data Type, Mega level Digimon and uses 22 memory. It digivolves from SuperStarmon and SkullMeramon. Its special attacks are Quake! Blast! In Complete Edition, Gankoomon can also digivolve from Volcamon.

Is Omnimon Zwart a Royal Knight?

Omnimon Zwart is a Holy Knight Digimon. A member of the Royal Knights that is fused from WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon with the will of those who wish for good. Combining the qualities of both, this Digimon is a flexible fighter.

How many virus Digimon are in the Royal Knights?

As of now, there are two unrevealed Royal Knights….Gallantmon.

Gallantmon (デュークモン Dukemon)
Attribute: Virus
Type: Holy Knight Digimon
Family(s): Virus Busters
Appears in: Digital Monster X-Evolution Digimon Data Squad Digimon Chronicle Digimon D-Cyber

How do I get Boltmon?

Boltmon digivolves from Volcamon and Andromon. In order to digivolve into Boltmon, your Digimon must be at least level 39 with 150 attack and 150 defense, but only once you have befriended an Andromon. It can be hatched from the Metal DigiEgg.

What baby bird Digimon enjoys pecking Tanemon on the head?

Its dream is to someday become Birdramon, who can fly freely about the sky, and it seems it doesn’t want to become Kokatorimon, who cannot fly at all. As its personality is to be brimming over with curiosity, it loves to peck at the head portion of Tanemon.

Who are the 13 Royal Knights?

All Royal Knight Digimon & What They Do

  • 13 Alphamon.
  • 12 Craniamon.
  • 11 Crusadermon.
  • 10 Dynasmon.
  • 9 Examon.
  • 8 Gallantmon.
  • 7 Gankoomon.
  • 6 Jesmon.

Is Omnimon a Royal Knight?

Omnimon is a member of the Royal Knights who is loyal to King Drasil, and initially carries out Project Ark to the letter.

What does Gotsumon rock fist do?

It digivolves from Motimon and can digivolve to Ankylomon, Clockmon, Starmon, Tankmon, Icemon, and Golemon. Its special attack is Rock Fist and its support skill is Animal Colosseum which increases damage from Earth skills by 15%.

How do you evolve Poyomon?

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution Poyomon can digivolve into Syakomon, Gomamon or Kamemon. In order to degenerate into Poyomon, your Digimon must be at least level 5. Poyomon can be hatched from the Blue Egg.

How do you evolve gankoomon?

Gankoomon is an obtainable Digimon that evolves from MachGaogamon, Panjyamon, or Blue Meramon. It can Jogress to Dukemon: Crimson Mode with Dukemon.

What type of Digimon is gankoomon?

Gankoomon is a Burst Mode Digimon for the DemiMeramon ( SkullMeramon) digivolution line once the “Tekken” has been applied to it. Gankoomon digivolves from SkullMeramon .

What are the special attacks of gankoomon?

Its special attacks are Quake!Blast!Fire!Father! and Table Flip and its support skill is Master’s Disposition, which causes attacks that would normally kill, leave the partner Digimon 1HP instead, as long as the Digimon’s HP was above 50% at the time of being attacked. In Complete Edition, Gankoomon can also digivolve from Volcamon .

What level is digivolve gankoomon?

Gankoomon is #234 and is a Fire Data Type, Mega level Digimon and uses 22 memory. It digivolves from SuperStarmon, SkullMeramon and Volcanomon.