Is govanhill rough?

Is govanhill rough?

Originally Answered: what is govanhill like? Frankly it’s essentially a slum- overcrowded due to sub division of old properties and quite a high crime rate.

Is Shawlands in South Lanarkshire?

Shawlands (Scottish Gaelic: Fearann na Doire) is an area of Glasgow, Scotland, located around 2 miles (3 kilometres) south of the River Clyde….Shawlands.

Shawlands Scottish Gaelic: Fearann na Doire
Shawlands Cross, Glasgow (2005)
Area 0.52 km2 (0.20 sq mi)
Population 7,015 (2015)
• Density 13,490/km2 (34,900/sq mi)

What postcode is govanhill Glasgow?


Govanhill Scottish Gaelic: Cnoc a’ Ghobhainn Scots: Gouanhull
Country Scotland
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Post town GLASGOW
Postcode district G42

Is easterhouse in North Lanarkshire?

Easterhouse is a suburb of Glasgow, Scotland, located on the periphery of the city approximately 6 miles (10 km) east of its centre, partially built on land gained from the county of Lanarkshire as part of a boundary expansion of Glasgow prior to the Second World War.

What is the roughest area of Glasgow?

Easy answer Possilpark is the worst area in Glasgow and has the worst drugs problem in Europe. Now there are other housing schemes Maryhill, Milton leading into Springburn which are all one big melted together connerbation of nastiness joined together with Possilpark aka Possil…..

Where should I not live in Glasgow?

Areas to Avoid in Glasgow

  • Sauchiehall Street.
  • Hope Street.
  • Clyde Street.
  • Possil.
  • Springburn.
  • Lambhill.
  • Cadder.
  • Maryhill.

What council is shawlands?

Glasgow City Council
Shawlands Civic Square – Glasgow City Council.

What areas are South Lanarkshire?

South Lanarkshire: full list of cities and towns

  • EAST KILBRIDE. East Kilbride has a website.
  • HAMILTON. Hamilton has a website.
  • RUTHERGLEN. Rutherglen has a website.
  • CAMBUSLANG. Cambuslang has a website.
  • BLANTYRE. Blantyre has a website.
  • LARKHALL. Larkhall has a website.
  • CARLUKE. Carluke has a website.
  • LANARK. Lanark has a website.

What is the postcode for Easterhouse?

Area Information for Easterhouse Place, Glasgow, Scotland, G34 9LD. Easterhouse Place in Glasgow is in Scotland. The postcode is within the North East ward/electoral division, which is in the UK Parliamentary Constituency of Glasgow East.

Is baillieston in South Lanarkshire?

Once a separate village, Baillieston is now on the periphery of the Glasgow urban area, situated west of a major interchange between the M8, M74 and M73 motorways and the A8 trunk road, between the town of Coatbridge in North Lanarkshire, and the neighbouring Glasgow neighbourhoods of Sandyhills, Barlanark and Mount …

Where do the rich live in Glasgow?

Highest value streets with a Glasgow postcode:

  • Elphinstone Road, Glasgow G46 – £1,416,004.
  • Methven Road, Glasgow G46 – £1,333,199.
  • Roddinghead Road, Glasgow G46 – £1,210,693.
  • Frederick Boulevard, Glasgow G74 – £1,177,531.
  • Lethington Road, Glasgow G46 – £1,163,935.
  • Craigmillar Avenue, Glasgow G62 – £1,125,573.

When were shawlands tenements built?

This ornate Renaissance-style building of the former Glasgow Savings Bank was built by architect Neil C Duff (1861 – 1934) in 1906.