Is graffiti legal in Buenos Aires?

Is graffiti legal in Buenos Aires?

Graffiti is legal in Buenos Aires nowadays, but only with consent of the owner of the building. So it makes sense, but it still is just kind of insane to see that many of the murals have a name tagged to it too. I mean, we’re used to the idea that these pieces are made in the darker hours of the day, avoiding police and all.

What’s new in Buenos Aires street art?

Parbo has painted a striking new mural in Chacarita, Buenos Aires. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art. The appearance of Alfredo Segatori has painted a stunning new mural of a panda drinking mate in Buenos Aires. Photos by Buenos Aires

How much does the Palermo graffiti walking tour cost?

WHAT: Enjoying the marvellous and colourful pieces in Palermo during a Graffiti Walking Tour WHERE: Mainly around Palermo Soho and Palermo Viejo HOW MUCH: The tour costs 200 ARS per person, via Buenos Aires Free Walks.

What is the history of graffiti?

For sure Luke gave us an excellent insiders view of the graffiti culture and of how it evolved from the ’20s as political propaganda messages, to protest tags ( pintadas) in the ’70s against the military government, to the nowadays much more artistic and even commercialised graffitis.