Is Grote automotive legit?

Is Grote automotive legit?

I WOULD NEVER EVER GO BACK NOR RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE. I have purchased 3 vehicles from Grote. Every time I go there they are so nice and very helpful. They even helped me find a car I was looking for that they did not have at the time..

Who owns Grote automotive?

Fred Grote –
Fred Grote – owner – grote automotive | LinkedIn.

Who is Fred Grote?

Fred Grote has been in the auto industry for 35 years – since he was 15. He opened Grote Automotive in Fort Wayne in 2007 with two other employees. Huge growth in the last three years pushed the employee count from 22 to 48.

Does Grote Automotive have a return policy?

Warranty Return and Replacement Instructions Items received by Grote will not be returned unless accompanied by a specific written request. The product to be returned will be those items not covered under the warranty and will be returned to sender freight collect.

What is the rating of Grote automotive?

How is Grote Automotive rated? Grote Automotive has 2.5 stars. What days are Grote Automotive open?

What is the Grote Mitsubishi dealership program?

Important restrictions and rules apply. See your participating Dealer for the program details. Grote Mitsubishi wants to sell you your next car or SUV. We provide new and pre-owned sales, service, parts, and financing.

Why buy from Grote?

No gimmicks and they work hard to put you in a safe, reliable, beautiful vehicle! If you have been turned down by other car lots please go to Grote and give them a try. They work hard to get you a great deal and they try their best to work with your trade in and down payment.

Why did I take my Truck to Grote?

I took my truck into GROTE to have some service work done. Once I was there I looked around at new trucks, well guess what I ended up buying a newer truck and they got me full payoff in my trade in. I have purchased 4 vehicLes here and every time I go there everyone is super nice and helpful.. I would tell everyone to go see the guys at Grote.