Is Hi Tech a good brand?

Is Hi Tech a good brand?

Hi-Tec hiking boots are solid comfortable hiking boots based on consumer reviews. They are competitively priced and they use a lot of popular shoe technologies. Most people think they are a good value and complaints about their boots seem to focus on quality concerns and boots fitting correctly.

Is Hi-Tec still in business?

HI-TEC® Sports was founded by Frank van Wezel in Shoeburyness, England. Frank’s love for sport led him to build an innovative, lightweight and instantly comfortable squash shoe. The HI-TEC® Squash Classic is still made today and has sold over 19 million pairs.

How much is Hi-Tec worth?


Type Subsidiary
Revenue $250USD million
Number of employees 500
Parent Cherokee Inc.

Is Hi-Tec made in China?

Hi-Tec, which has been producing its footwear exclusively in China until now, purchased the factory so that the company could provide “made-in-the-U.S.A. footwear” and give it an opportunity to compete for lucrative military and government footwear contracts.

How long do Hi-Tec boots last?

That is between 18 to 20 years of pretty much every day ware. They are great all year round, but winter and wet weather is their forte. This is just an awesome boot, it serves me in work, hunting, hiking, and every day use. My old pair is so comfortable that they feel like part of my foot.

Do Hi-Tec shoes run small?

Hi-Tec footwear is recognised as “TRUE TO SIZE” therefore if you are a size 8, you will fit a size 8 Hi-Tec. The size of our footwear is determined by the last and outsole unit dimensions that is used to form the shoe. We are traditionally a slightly broader fit but are very true to size.

Are Hi-Tec boots true to size?

Are Hi-Tec hiking boots waterproof?

Hi-tec is also among the brands that offer waterproof hiking boots. But unlike traditional boots that seem to be clunkier and “warmer”, Hi-tec boots seem to hit the right balance between waterproofing and breathability.

Is Hi-Tec a good shoe?

The full leather Hi-Tec Altitude V is a good boot at a great price. The leather upper is more padded than most others, and with the high volume fit, this boot is an excellent bargain product for cold weather hiking and outdoor work. Our lead tester found these fit best with a thick winter sock.

Do Hi-Tec boots come up small?

Are Hi-Tec shoes good?

How good are Berghaus boots?

The Berghaus Expeditor walking boots are good for cold, wet and icy conditions. Stiff enough to take on a light crampon or set of spikes, as well as giving that added support, they’d be a good choice for a beginner walker who’s unsure what types of walking they prefer and haven’t built up strength in their ankles yet.