Is HomeCourt ai free?

Is HomeCourt ai free?

HomeCourt is the best way for your community to get better together. You can easily set up a virtual team or academy, host challenges and tournaments, and help your players develop skills anytime, anywhere. And the best part, it’s free for everyone.

What is the HomeCourt app?

HomeCourt is a user-friendly and practical app that has combined smart computer vision algorithms and augmented reality to make your new iPhone a great basketball training tool. There are lots of interesting features that makes it a must try app especially if you feel shooting practice is becoming a drag.

Can you Track basketball on Apple Watch?

Shoot hoops with your Apple Watch to keep track of your basketball statistics using Tally Hoops. Tally Hoops has three modes: Free Throw, Three Pointer, and Freestyle. Start a session on your Apple Watch and every time you make a shot, spin the Apple Watch’s crown up.

What is the best basketball training app?

10 of the Best Basketball Apps for iOS & Android

  • Hudl.
  • 94 Feet of Game.
  • Hustle Sports Training.
  • ShotTracker. ShotTracker, Inc – Free.
  • Pure Sweat. Pure Sweat Basketball Inc – $4.99/monthly.
  • Fitivity. Fitivity Inc – Free.
  • DribbleUp. DribbleUp Inc – Free with Smart Basketball (approx: $60)
  • Homecourt. captureidea – Free.

Is HomeCourt available on Android?

Is HomeCourt available on Android devices? HomeCourt is not available on Android devices.

How do I set up HomeCourt?

Create a virtual Team.

  1. Tap Profile » Teams » +Create.
  2. If you see the “HomeCourt is built for Teams screen” tap “Next” to continue.
  3. Enter the name of your team, your team’s location, add a photo, and tap “Save”.

How do I set my Apple Watch for weightlifting?

To record and save a workout as Strength Training on Apple Watch: Record your workout using the built-in Workout app, choosing “Other” as the activity type > when you have finished your workout, swipe right and tap End > scroll down and tap on Name Workout > choose Strength Training.

How does GPS work on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch GPS lets you send and receive text messages, answer phone calls, and receive notifications when it’s connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The built-in GPS works independently of your iPhone for distance, pace, and route mapping in workouts.