Is HP Prime a good calculator?

Is HP Prime a good calculator?

The HP Prime could be called the best calculator of its kind, and if not it is only second to the TI-Nspire CX CAS. But there are many things that this calculator does do better than the Nspire in terms of processing power, ease of use, and familiarity (and it looks and feels more solid).

Is the HP 50g discontinued?

The 50g was officially discontinued in 2015. It was readily available for about $50 throughout 2016.

Is HP Prime calculator discontinued?

Unfortunately, it has been discontinued and is no longer available through our store. I’d like to recommend the HP 10s+ Scientific Calculator.

What happened to HP calculators?

All development of HP calculators has been halted, so no new models will arrive. Production may or may not have ceased.

How do I update my HP Prime graphing calculator?

Click on the box to the left of Auto update to check it and then click on the Update button (see the figure below). Wait for the update to complete and then reboot the calculator. Press the [Help] key and then the “Tree” screen tab. And touch the “About HP Prime” screen option and then the “OK” screen tab.

What is the best HP graphing calculator?

HP Prime
Best Touchscreen Graphing Calculator: HP Prime Due to its high-resolution, color touchscreen, and intuitive design, the HP Prime makes solving those equations incredibly simple.

Are graphing calculators worth it?

A graphing calculator is indispensable. You’ll need it for Algebra and Geometry, and they last long. So even if you don’t need one now, you’ll have it at hand for the future.

Are HP calculators good?

The HP 300S+ scientific calculator is the perfect choice for cash-strapped students who won’t use a calculator for much outside of class and tests. This calculator is a great pick for math, trigonometry, statistics, and science applications. It’s a low-cost option that still manages to pack in a ton of features.

What are the features of HP Prime graphing calculator?

Touch-enabled. Full color. Revolutionary functionality. Experience handheld calculating in the age of touch with the HP Prime Graphing Calculator, which has a full-color, gesture-based, and pinch-to-zoom interface, background images, function sketching, multiple math representations, wireless connectivity1, and a rechargeable battery.

What can hphp Prime do for You?

HP Prime provides that control. The teacher defines the exam mode duration, the angle mode and the password (not visible to students) with which he can prematurely terminate the exam mode. Additionally, the teacher can disable specific features of the calculator; for example, the arithmetic units or the computer algebra system.

What is the difference between HP Prime and HP Prime geometry app?

The Geometry app delivers the power of a dynamic geometry app in the palm of your hand. And its CAS integration gives you an analytic geometry app so you can prove your conjectures. The Spreadsheet App gives you the most common features you expect in a spreadsheet. But with HP Prime, you also get the power of a CAS integrated with the spreadsheet.

What are the applications available on the HP Prime?

The HP Prime comes with the following Applications and you can create your own! HP Apps are designed to explore mathematical topics or solve problems. All HP Apps have a similar structure, with numeric, graphic and symbolic views to make them easy to learn and easy to use.