Is it a good idea to join the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4?

Is it a good idea to join the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4?

The Brotherhood has no trouble supplying its constituency with enough firepower and armor to start an epic conflict. If you tend to think that eliminating and killing entire populations of Synth and other Mutants is justified, then the Brotherhood of Steel may be suitable for you.

What is the best faction to join in Fallout 4?

The Minutemen They’re basically the neutral option and seek to help rebuild the world instead of imposing their beliefs or philosophy on other groups. Other groups may have cooler toys to play with, but the Minutemen are arguably the best of the Fallout 4 factions to align with.

Should I join the Minutemen or Brotherhood of Steel?

The Brotherhood has better Armor,Power Armor, Vertibirds,& Weapons. Plus they are a lot stronger than the Minutemen and better organized. Yep! Since you almost always have to join the minutemen, if you then go to join the brotherhood of steel you will still be allied with the minutemen.

Why do the Minutemen destroy the brotherhood?

The Minutemen essentially want a chance to rebuild their communities and thrive in the Commonwealth. Once the settlements are built, the Minutemen suddenly feel the need to wipe out the Brotherhood of Steel by destroying the Prydwen airship.

Is the Brotherhood of Steel evil?

Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4 are evil, imperialistic, genocidal pricks. Very much the opposite of Fallout 3’s portrayal, they’re not there to save the Commonwealth, they’re there to take it over.

Can the brotherhood and Minutemen be allies?

Variations. Brotherhood and the Minutemen allied – with the Brotherhood’s new sentinel being none other but the Minutemen general, the two factions are technically in alliance.

Does the Brotherhood of Steel give you power armor?

After you join the Brotherhood of Steel, you can gain access to a Power Armor located on the Prydwen airship. You can also gain access to the Brotherhood of Steel paint scheme for your Power Armor. Having all pieces of your armor given this paint job gives a boost in strength when wearing power armor.

Can you become mayor of Goodneighbor?

If the Sole Survivor brings Deacon to Goodneighbor, he will change his outfit to appear similar to the mobsters around town. He then goes on to say that he and some of the other drifters attacked Vic and his gang overnight, and he then became mayor of Goodneighbor.

Are the BoS the good guys?

First off, they’re NOT the good guys. The FO4 BOS under Maxson is more in-line with the BOS in FO1, FO2, and Tactics: morally gray, lawful-neutral, working with their own agenda that may or may not benefit those around them.

Are Brotherhood of Steel good guys?

Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3 are the bright shiny good guys with some bright and some shiny and some noble on top.

Who should I join in Fallout 4?

8. Minutemen (The Good) The Minutemen are almost the default faction for players to align themselves with,offering the most simple road to story completion.

  • 7. Minutemen (The Bad) However,the drawback to siding with this faction is that players will have to eliminate the Institute faction to complete their story.
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  • What are the best perks to take in Fallout 4?

    Hacker&Locksmith. These two perks may not be the most unique ones,but they will come in handy in the long run depending on whether or not you

  • Gun Nut. Fallout 4 has three different kinds of perks that will boost the damage of your weapons of choice.
  • Blitz.
  • Sneak.
  • Scrounger.
  • Toughness.
  • Critical Banker.
  • Quick Hands.
  • Four Leaf Clover.
  • Wasteland Whisperer.
  • What faction should I Choose in Fallout 4?

    Minuteman Superhero wannabe,they WANT to make weak people on Commonwealth need them (they always saying like “minuteman are here to help”) I only completed the game once with

  • BOS Millitary… No Synth! Played it…
  • The Railroad Bunch of weirdos that think Robot is human So much respect i got with this Faction. And Deacon… damn…
  • Instittute
  • What are the perks of Fallout 4?

    PER2: Attacks with non-automatic rifles do twenty percent more damage to the opponent.

  • Level 9: Attacks with non-automatic rifles do forty percent more damage and ignore fifteen percent of the target’s armor.
  • Level 18: Attacks with non-automatic rifles do sixty percent more damage and ignore twenty percent of the opponent’s armor.